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5 Reasons you need to meet IN PERSON

Good afternon….I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

At times it appears that everyone has decided to do business by email,  phone, fax, direct mail, Skype and even text in some

cases… some times it seems like any way but IN PERSON !

That is a big mistake in Euby’s opinion …and one he preaches at EVERY salesmeeting….in fact they all end the same with

the statement “GO OUT AND SELL SOMETHING”!    And I really belive it is the very best advise a sales manager can give

his or her team.  One of our reps has heard my message and forwarded me a great read out of INC magazine by a Rene Sigel

where she gave the following 5 darn good reason that ole Euby is right ( at least this time ! )

She wrote ( in part ) …..  All clients are alike… they are in a hurry…and want information fast…email…skype ..text etc….

BUT THEY AND YOU STILL NEED FACE TIME….  and the above it WHY…it’s an avalanche of information and to “STAND
OUT”  ( pun intended ) you have to BE THERE !

1)  You’re “off the record”…. If emailed is public knowlege…same with text ( just ask  Brett  Farve or Senator Weiner ) and

they know it…they can’t really give you all the information they might want to…unless face to face.

2)  Make use of the “not so small” small talk…. it builds releationships…and makes impressions

3)  Speaking of Impressions… It can be anything…your smile…the item you hand them…the color

of clothing or the lapel pen your wearing….maybe even your shoes… who knows…but if it impresses

they remember!

4)  You can read the body language and adjust your message accordingly….you have NO idea with any

other medium….

5)  Learn their enviroment….SEE IT….FEEL IT…. you can then adapt your presentation to THEIR
SYTLE….try doing that over the internet….

OK…I think you get the point of todays message….  GET OUT THERE !  No matter what your

product or service is…. or what your attempting to accomplish…. go do it in PERSON if it is

importatnt….the results will speak for themselves.!!!

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