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Advantages of E-Commerce

With today’s ever-increasing reliance on technology, many businesses and consumers are turning to E-Commerce and retail sites for their ad specialties and various product shopping needs. E-Commerce sales in the B2C space are expected to soar in 2015, rising over $1 trillion across the world. This rapidly increasing growth is due to ballooning online and mobile user bases in emerging markets, an increase in mobile commerce, advances in shipping and payment options, and major brands expanding into new international markets. The market is expanding so much that it is now something that customers increasingly expect. 

Businesses across the country and globe are creating their E-Commerce and mobile presence to keep up with this increasing demand from customers. E-Commerce sites provide customers with 24/7 support and allow customers to ask questions or do transactions at any time, from any location. Customers also have more options when shopping online; it provides quicker, easier delivery, product comparisons, access to customer reviews, options for virtual samples, readily and up-to-date information, and substantial discounts as a result of increased competition E-Commerce platforms create among businesses.

E-Commerce sites are obviously advantageous for consumers, but how does it benefit your business? Using E-Commerce, organizations can expand  their market to national and international markets with minimal investment; organizations easily locate more customers, the best suppliers, and great business partners globally. E-commerce reduces cost by digitizing information while also improving the company’s brand image. These sites are organized to create better customer services and simplify the business process making it faster and more efficient.

Bottom line, E-Commerce is beneficial for businesses, consumers and  society as a whole. Consumers today want to be able to shop  around online, and expect these sites to be available–only one of the reasons it makes sense for businesses to create their online and mobile retail presence.

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I have been fortunate enough to work with Suncoast Marketing for over 8 years at 2 different private clubs, one in South Florida and the other in North Carolina. When I need anything printed, created or marketed, I begin with Bob Scala and his incredible team. Every time, they have exceeded my expectations, not only in the quality of the job done, but also with their responsiveness, creativity and delivery. I strongly recommend Suncoast Marketing to any business owner/operator who wants to project a high-quality image. I am a customer for life!
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