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As business owners….How long should you keep your credit card receipts?

By September 10, 2011 Euby, Uncategorized No Comments

Suncoast recently became a new client to a financial services company who in turn has become a client of Suncoast.  A great win…win…..  and with that we now receive their monthly news letter….in that news letter there was an interesting fact sheet on Credit Card receipts…and I thought Euby could share this information as some of it was a little

surprising …

As a business owner…is it important to keep copies of your credit card receipts ?  YES….VERY IMPORTANT!

There is a process where a client can “dispute” a charge and create a “charge back” against your merchant account.

If a charge back is initiated against your company …your best defense is a “signed copy of the credit card receipt”…..

and the “little known fact” is that the customer can dispute a charge for up to 18 EIGHTEEN MONTHS from the date

the charge APPEARS on their statement!  It is most important to have them on file for a minimum of 20 months to

insure you are protected !     A special thanks to Sean at Maxx for sharing this tidbit with us !   Have a great weekend

everyone !   Euby…..

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