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Branded Products for Dogs Lead by One Famous Frenchie

The pet industry in the U.S. is booming! Pets have now become more than just pets, they are part of the family. “The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates owners spent over $55 billion on their pets last year … Pet industry sales have been in an uptrend for the last two decades, and APPA expects these gains to continue.”

People love their pets like family! The emotional bond between us is what drives advertising and creates a connection for people to a brand. Many marketers use pets to show off their products and win you over, just like Manny the French Bulldog. Manny became an instant sensation after his owners posted a few pictures of his photogenic smile … the power of social media is crazy! He now has a following of almost 1 million people!

He has become the face of his own brand that helps raise awareness and support for French Bulldog Rescue and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals. He is even sponsored by big names such as GNC pets, Martha Stewart Pets, and Purina’s Beggin’ Poppers.

power-of-the-pawhManny’s sold-out birthday party was a huge success. Each doggie guest even got their own “pawty” favors. Similarly, his Halloween party gave out branded treats and other items to 100 of his friends which then turned into a social media campaign awarding select followers branded goodies as well. This special little doggie’s fame has lend to his owner’s launch of an online store of numerous branded products (tees, sweats, tote bags, coffee mugs, calendars, etc). Not to mentioned his new doggie bowtie line! What a dog!!

Branded promotional items are a powerful, fun tool to get your name out there … if this little Frenchie can do it, so can you!



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I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new business cards. For the first time since opening my company nine years ago, I am actually proud of my cards!! THANK YOU!
Jill L.
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