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Case Study: Apparel at Live Events

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As discussed last week in our case study about promotional items at live events, promo is a must-have commemorative item to get from a live event. Whether that means running a 10k for the t-shirt at the end or buying your favorite concert tee no matter the cost, these items make lasting memories. Apparel  tends to be the most popular item bought at live events.

horseIn Philadelphia, the Devon Horse Show is one of the summer’s most anticipated events. Visitors roam the quaint fairgrounds to see horse races and carnival games. Visitors enjoy the shows and games but many cannot leave without stopping by the souvenir stand. The stand is full of your typical souvenirs-pins, posters, bags, and apparel-but apparel seems to be the most popular. Packed with stylish wearables, showgoers leave with jersey-style t-shirts, custom horse-pattern bowties, and designer saddle pads; many styles keep with the trends of college bookstores.

The big secret of the success of this little souvenir shop is that all proceeds go to a worthy cause, so people don’t mind paying big money for these promo items. So, for your next event, keep in mind that trendy apparel items sold to benefit a worthy cause help buyers see the true value of your promo  items.

Case Study: Live Events

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Concerts, holiday parades, games, beach days, picnics at the park – they all represent great moments of summer and spring. Making memories at these events last a lifetime. Pictures are a great way to capture memories, but there’s nothing better than getting that concert t-shirt of your favorite band, mug or glass from the baseball game, or another other promotional keepsake to remind yourself of a great memory.

Live events is a great market for promotional items. Getting a t-shirt at a favorite band’s live concert can make that event event more special to someone. The trick with the market though, is keeping up with high service level clients. Some marketers want higher-end apparel that stays true to the image of the event; they want products that leave a great and lasting brand awareness. Some events, however, just want a simple giveaway item.

inner-3Shirts are also great for fundraisers and fitness events like marathons and 10k runs. They are a great memory of the event as well as a great way to raise donations for fundraisers. It’s also a good incentive for someone to pay to run a 26 mile marathon! In the case of a NY school charity event, 500+ elementary school students and parents raised money to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. The school used the t-shirts, food, and carnival tickets to raise $16,000 for charity and sold an additional 100 shirts to raise about $1,000.


Live events are great for promotional items and keepsakes! Keep Suncoast in mind for your next event.

Branded Products for Dogs Lead by One Famous Frenchie

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The pet industry in the U.S. is booming! Pets have now become more than just pets, they are part of the family. “The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates owners spent over $55 billion on their pets last year … Pet industry sales have been in an uptrend for the last two decades, and APPA expects these gains to continue.”

People love their pets like family! The emotional bond between us is what drives advertising and creates a connection for people to a brand. Many marketers use pets to show off their products and win you over, just like Manny the French Bulldog. Manny became an instant sensation after his owners posted a few pictures of his photogenic smile … the power of social media is crazy! He now has a following of almost 1 million people!

He has become the face of his own brand that helps raise awareness and support for French Bulldog Rescue and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals. He is even sponsored by big names such as GNC pets, Martha Stewart Pets, and Purina’s Beggin’ Poppers.

power-of-the-pawhManny’s sold-out birthday party was a huge success. Each doggie guest even got their own “pawty” favors. Similarly, his Halloween party gave out branded treats and other items to 100 of his friends which then turned into a social media campaign awarding select followers branded goodies as well. This special little doggie’s fame has lend to his owner’s launch of an online store of numerous branded products (tees, sweats, tote bags, coffee mugs, calendars, etc). Not to mentioned his new doggie bowtie line! What a dog!!

Branded promotional items are a powerful, fun tool to get your name out there … if this little Frenchie can do it, so can you!

Back To School Must-Haves

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School books with apple on desk

August is right around the corner which means kids will be back in school before we know it! Pretty soon the world of high school sports, school clubs and fundraisers, dances, pep rallies, and of course complaints of too much homework and studying again.

Promotional items for students are a great way to get your name out and put your brand in the hands of your students who will use these items until they fall apart. They will be forever a part of their families and will be seen by everyone around them. Promo allows students to show off their school spirit. What student doesn’t want that?

Promo is a great way for schools to welcome back their students and help them prepare for another great year. They are also great for welcoming new students and freshman to their new community.

Some great items you should definitely use in your back to school programs are: pencils, notepads, backpacks, aluminum water bottles, hand sanitizers, lunch boxes, drawstring bags, flexible calculators, crayons, and of course the most popular tees, tanks and hoodies.

Back to school promo items are great for all students and for your school. Check out what items are best for your school on Suncoast’s company store! Check out our Facebook page next month for special back to  school discounts and deals!!!

Case Study: Get Summer BBQ Ready!

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bbq-inner1America loves a good BBQ. There is nothing better than good grilling with friends on a summer afternoon. About 80% of Americans own a grill or smoker and use it many times a year. That being said, there are many ways your company could get noticed with some good, branded BBQ items that are sure to boost your sales for the summer.

Nothing goes together better than some good barbeque and beer. On hot summer days, nothing is more refreshing than a nice, cold beer. So why not put a custom label on all the beers and get your name out there. That’s what a senior account executive did at his printing company. He realized the need for custom beverage  labels and the benefits that would come with using them for companies hosting sales conferences and corporate events.

The senior account executive was to provide beer for a worldwide corporate party for its most important product launch ever. They wanted an item that would fit their celebration and employee appreciation theme; ultimately they chose custom labeled beer and champagne bottles to have at their party and in their offices around the globe. The labels made it look like the company had their own micro-brew beer and their own brand of champagne.  The product was ordered and shipped in time to impress all the company’s guests.

So get summer BBQ ready and impress your guests at your next party or corporate events with custom drink labels! Contact your Suncoast Marketing, Inc. sales rep to make an order!

More great customized BBQ items include: oven mitts, spice rubs, utensil sets, gourmet American flag spatulas, a deluxe bamboo barbeque set, a portable football-shaped grill or an insulated cooler with collapsible dividers. It’s time to get summer ready!

Advantages of E-Commerce

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With today’s ever-increasing reliance on technology, many businesses and consumers are turning to E-Commerce and retail sites for their ad specialties and various product shopping needs. E-Commerce sales in the B2C space are expected to soar in 2015, rising over $1 trillion across the world. This rapidly increasing growth is due to ballooning online and mobile user bases in emerging markets, an increase in mobile commerce, advances in shipping and payment options, and major brands expanding into new international markets. The market is expanding so much that it is now something that customers increasingly expect. 

Businesses across the country and globe are creating their E-Commerce and mobile presence to keep up with this increasing demand from customers. E-Commerce sites provide customers with 24/7 support and allow customers to ask questions or do transactions at any time, from any location. Customers also have more options when shopping online; it provides quicker, easier delivery, product comparisons, access to customer reviews, options for virtual samples, readily and up-to-date information, and substantial discounts as a result of increased competition E-Commerce platforms create among businesses.

E-Commerce sites are obviously advantageous for consumers, but how does it benefit your business? Using E-Commerce, organizations can expand  their market to national and international markets with minimal investment; organizations easily locate more customers, the best suppliers, and great business partners globally. E-commerce reduces cost by digitizing information while also improving the company’s brand image. These sites are organized to create better customer services and simplify the business process making it faster and more efficient.

Bottom line, E-Commerce is beneficial for businesses, consumers and  society as a whole. Consumers today want to be able to shop  around online, and expect these sites to be available–only one of the reasons it makes sense for businesses to create their online and mobile retail presence.

Contact Suncoast Marketing, Inc. to start creating your own E-Commerce site, or start your own  promotional products search today!

Case Study: Summer Tees

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Summer is here! And you know what that  means … sun, barbecues, pool parties, sports, concerts, and music festivals! This month’s Bonnaroo music festival means tens of thousands of people all at one event looking for fun, great music and cool swag from their favorite artists, especially tees and tanks. Provide shirts for music festivals like Bonnaroo and your sales will soar.

We want to highlight a sales pro in Georgia that has done just that. This super seller has found the perfect tank to market to all kinds of younger audiences. She took her love for the shirt and broadcasted that into high-volume sales to colleges and high schools all over the state. She found an appropriate, fashion-forward tank that could be easily transformed for each school’s student council, honor societies, and cheerleaders. She found that a soft,  trendy tank was the way to go.

summer-tees-inner1The tank is especially appealing to a younger audience. Keeping fashion in mind and offering a variety of colors, including neons, the tank is a sure win. To top  it off, screen printing allows the tank to show  off the school’s event or mascot.

She also realized that this style of tanks and tees can be easily applied to other markets as well. Races,  resorts, musical artists, surf shops, startup tech companies, firms with a younger workforce, and any brand targeting millennial audiences can use this shirt.

Keeping up with the trends and marketing a shirt like this Georgia saleswoman did will definitely increase your sales…so get with your Suncoast rep and find that perfect summer shirt!!



RE-think Print for your “Non-Traditional” Content Strategy

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Today, print is being considered “non-traditional” marketing because we are so concentrated on digital marketing. That being said, that does not mean that print is dead. Print is not on a decline, it is just being viewed in a different light and has proven very effective when used correctly.

Print grabs attention. Direct mailing, magazines and print newsletters are less prevalent in your mailbox today. So when you do get something addressed to you in the mail, you are more likely to pay attention to it. Less mail equals more attention to each piece. Compare that to the amount of time it takes you to go through your emails and filter out the spam just by reading the subject lines; how many emails go straight to “junk” unopened and unread? Create that same message in a piece of direct mail, it is more likely to be read.

Old is new again. Marketers and media buyers are unexcited when everyone does the same thing. The same strategies are seen over and over so much that it becomes boring. Social media campaigns, online content and phone apps are “the norm” today. So what could be this exciting new thing? …Print! Print strategies are exciting because they are not overdone and they are interesting. This could be print’s comeback.

Print is more credible. Today, many people are highly skilled in technology. If they are skilled enough, anyone can create something on the internet that looks real even if it’s fake or highly important if it means nothing. So people have a tendency to second guess something online. However if it is in print, it is perceived to be more authentic and credible. People think it must be important if someone went through the trouble to get it printed.

Print is an escape. Technology has become a huge part of our day to day lives. So, more and more people are actively choosing to “unplug” or disconnect from digital media. Technology is mentally straining, so staring at a computer or phone for most of the day is draining. A printed magazine, newspaper, or book is a good way to escape. Many families have chosen to leave phones off the dinner table as a way to unplug; or they take an entire day tech-free.

Print is on the rise, again. A “non-traditional” content strategy may be just what you need to differentiate. Digital marketing must definitely be utilized because it is not going anywhere, but print is a great tool to change up your marketing strategy and get great results.

If you would like to read more tips on print, click here.

Importance of Imagery in Branding

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In marketing and  advertising, imagery is essential to portraying your brand and promoting your message to a consumer. Imagery evokes an emotional connection with the consumer the second he/she sees your logo.

Immediately upon seeing the logo, people remember experiences and feelings from the past that are associated with the product. That being said, brand imagery has an incredible influence on consumers’ purchase decisions whether they their emotional connection to the brand or not. Most importantly, according to Color Matters, “A single image delivers a lot of information in a very short time because we perceive an image all at once, whereas reading or hearing often takes significantly longer to process the same information.” An image demands an immediate response.

It takes a lot of time and work to develop logos and visuals to reach consumers effectively and have significant impact on purchasing decisions.

So, next time you are thinking to brand yourself or start a marketing campaign … think of Suncoast. Our in-house graphics department, SMART, (Suncoast Marketing Art) can help you make an impression and positively impact your marketing strategy! Trust imagery in branding to work and stand out from the crowd!

To read more about imagery in branding, click here.

Get your Name in Front of Customers & Grow your Business

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Staying “top of mind” with your clients and prospects is a key factor in growing your business. You have to find ways to make it easy for people to remember you and contact you.

Here’s the easy part … there are many, many options for you to advertise your business. But how do you know which is best? Traditional advertising through newspapers and magazines has potential but could be very costly to keep up with. A marketing campaign such as this requires a lot of work and repetition which is often to expensive to do on an ongoing basis. The best, most cost effective way to leave a memorable impression is through creative use of promotional products.

Promotional products are an easy way to create a lasting impression and are proven to have a higher recall  rate than other traditional advertising methods. Simply put, promo items have high “staying power.” If you promote your business with a promo item of good quality and functionality, it will be used over and over long after they receive the product which, in turn, reminds people of your business with each use or glance at the product.

Promo is a great way to get your name out to potential clients and leave a lasting impression on your buyers.  But there are a few things to remember when using promo as a gift … keep in mind who is  receiving the gift. Giveaway-type products like pens, sunglasses, and mugs for example should be used to announce a new product or at an event to go along with your theme. Holidays and corporate events require a much different type of gift.

Corporate gifts leave a lasting impression and are a great way to maintain relationships with your valued clients or recognize your employees. Choose thoughtful gifts that relate to the person’s interests, job or hobbies. Personalized gifts of good quality show your thoughtfulness and appreciation of the person’s business.

Any way you use them, promo  items are all part of an effort to retain name recognition. They also help consumers to generate referrals,   increase traffic at trade shows, or talk about new products. Plan a promotional marketing campaign and watch your business grow!

Read more helpful tips here.



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It has been nothing but a pleasure partnering with Chris Scala and Suncoast Marketing over the past few years. Chris is constantly providing us with creative ideas to best promote our brand. The products provided are always top notch. From our screen printed t-shirts for our field technicians to our embroidered polos, everything is timely and professionally done. They even handle last minute items when we want to wow VIP customers. Most importantly, Suncoast has taken the time to learn our logos and strict brand guidelines to make sure whenever printed, our logo looks the best. Chris truly understands how I operate and caters to our needs including how we can best communicate to what items we purchase. I highly recommend Suncoast for your marketing item needs
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