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Choose Print for your Next Marketing Campaign

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In today’s increasingly technology-dependent world, paper and print are becoming a thing of the past. In business, marketing specifically, print’s days are far from over. Quality, attractive print design can reach people technology would miss. And believe it or not, print is an affordable way to reach your target market when managed effectively. Many people prefer to buy something from a catalog or brochure as opposed to online shopping because they feel it is coming from a more reliable source.

Print, when done well and effectively, has a much longer shelf life than digital advertising. A buyer can easily forget a digital ad or email campaign, whereas a well designed, appealing  brochure or flyer can be used again and again. It could become a coffee table read, front desk  flyer, or a handout to every client … any scenario leaves it in the buyer’s hands for a longer time than any digital ad could leave an impression.

Buyers also view a company with print ads as more exclusive and more reliable. Print ads, catalogs, and brochures make your brand seem more exclusive and high end. In today’s world, many people can create a good digital ad. Even if the product is not high-end, technology can create powerful ads to make buyers believe otherwise. Print promotes a powerful, exclusive brand that buyers trust as a quality brand. People trust print. Buyers feel more valued when receiving a printed advertisement rather than a mass email or social media campaign.

Print also allows you to completely personalize your advertisement as well as more  accurately hit your target market. Print gives you a creative outlet to make your company stand out, be unique and personalize in a way that digital advertising just wouldn’t allow. You can also specifically reach your target market by way of handouts or direct mail. People can easily delete an email or pass over an annoying internet ad, but a direct mail piece or handout in a buyer’s hand is less likely to be thrown out or disregarded as fast as a digital ad.

Read more reasons you should consider print for your next marketing campaign here.


Unbelievably True Facts About Promotional Items

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Not everyone realizes the true power of promotional items for their marketing campaign. Promotional products can truly differentiate you from your competition and help you reach a large audience in a cost-effective way. If you are in the business, you know how big promo impacts your business. But here are some facts that prove their effectiveness:

8 in 10 consumers own between one and ten promotional products and 53% of these people use it at least once a week. If this many people own promotional products AND use them daily, promotional products are definitely worth the investment.

Before receiving a promotional product: 55% had done business with the advertiser. After receiving a promotional product: 85% of people did business with the advertiser. Such a simple way to grow your business and increase brand recognition.

And if you think promotional items are not effective enough to use your marketing budget on, think again. At 1/10 of a cent, bags tie with writing instruments for the lowest cost per impression than any other product in the U.S. and generate nearly 6,000 impressions! People use bags all the time, so put your brand on one!

Consumers keep promotional items for an average of 6.6 months. So your one-time investment could lead to exponential impressions for 6 months or more! The more people deem your product useful, the longer they will keep it around. And there’s more good news … 63% of consumers pass along the promotional products they no longer wish to keep. Therefore, with no effort at all, you are extending your target market and increasing your impressions.

And best of all … Promotional products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone. Promo has the power to greatly enhance your marketing campaign, increase impressions and brand recognition, and exponentially improve the positive image of your business.

So what are you waiting for? … Find the perfect promotional products for your business and make a impact this year! (Above facts are found in an article by Sage with research from PPAI – read the whole article here).

Promotional Products Work!

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Use promotional products. There is no better way to attract new clients, increase brand awareness, and grow your business. Using your marketing budget on promotional products is a great  investment. They are cost effective and reach a large audience with little effort.

Draw attention to yourself! If you want to get the attention of new clients and be remembered, there is nothing more powerful than giving someone a free gift with your name on it. Whether it’s an awesome t-shirt or a pen, people are more likely to see your name and recognize your brand if you put it out there. And the better you make the product, the more people will want it! Not to mention giving someone a gift is an easy way to open the lines of communication. A promotional product is an icebreaker that, more often than not, leads to new business.

Promotional products lead to new business and create a positive image for your business. Promotional products increase brand exposure. Repeated exposure exponentially increases brand recognition. It’s that simple!

Re-gifting is an added perk of promotional products. When someone likes your product, they are likely to tell someone about it, share it, or  pass it on to someone new, therefore increasing your impressions. This is an easy and effective way to reach a large amount of people in your target market. But  you shouldn’t stop there. It’s okay to step outside of your target market. Promotional items have no geographic or demographic limitations because of their mobility. Anyone can, and will, use promotional items which gives you the ability to reach people you may have never gotten the chance to reach with more traditional advertising methods.

Expand your company with promotional products. Advertise easily and effectively; watch just how great promotional items work for you. Some ideas from this article are based on Arsham Mirshah’s article in the American Marketing Association of Baltimore. If you would like to read more from this article on ways promotional products increase your business, click here.

Why Should You Attend Trade Shows?

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trade show make a splash

With Suncoast’s Trade Show coming up Thursday, May 21 … here is exactly why trade shows are beneficial to you.

There are many advantages to attending trade shows, whether you are a retailer or wholesaler. Despite any travel expenses and/or registration fees you may encounter when attending a show, the value more than outweighs the cost. Trade shows allow you to gain valuable experience, knowledge, product exposure, and more.

Trade shows are a great way to keep up with industry trends, new products and resources that are available to your business. Walking the trade show floor can easily tell you what you need to implement in your marketing campaign and what you might need to put away for a while. Shows allow you to see the best of the best and what’s hot from many different suppliers …  it’s like walking through hundreds of catalogs and interacting with an expert from each to help you find what is best for you.

Physically seeing, touching and comparing items at a show is a great way to stimulate new and creative ideas that will help promote your business. Not only that, it is the best way to make a relationship with vendors you can trust and gain business from who you might not have had the chance to outside of the show.

Trade shows are also a great way to generate leads and make relationships with potential customers. Collect business cards and directory contacts to add to your database of contacts. Trade shows are powerful educational tools and networking events that exposes you to new people, new businesses and new creative ways to enhance and promote your business.

Not only can you network and make strong relationships with vendors, you will get answers right away since communication is immediate and easy.

And do not forget … trade shows are also fun! Having fun gives you the energy and motivation to work and better your business. Value each opportunity to attend a trade show, and sign up today! Suncoast Marketing’s “Make a Splash!” Trade Show is only three weeks away!

Click here to read more from “Ten Reasons to Attend Trade Shows.”

Branding With Corporate Apparel

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Establishing a brand identity is what sets your company apart from competition. Brand identity is the silent message you send to clients and prospects about how you want to be perceived as a business. Your brand should extend throughout every aspect of your business so that the message is consistent and strong.

That being said, the importance of branding with corporate apparel cannot be understated. Utilizing corporate apparel as a branding tool for your marketing campaign will not only help your business grow but it will also create a lasting impression on your clients. Branded apparel can increase customer loyalty and sales if you build a brand that people will trust. And the sooner you enact this, the better: “perceptions of companies are improved when a logo or brand is recognized and over time people will consistently shop that particular brand … people tend to associate branded things with higher quality” (Read more from this article). Over time, consumers continue to see your brand which will likely instill trust in them.

A common misconception about corporate apparel is that it is expensive and less important than other marketing efforts. Now that we have established the value of corporate branded apparel, is it economical? As far as advertising goes, branded apparel is relatively inexpensive. It is a highly effective method of branding that offers immense value and benefit for you business by building your image, customer loyalty, communication and expertise.

Branding in corporate apparel also improves your company work culture. When employees wear uniforms with a branded logo, it creates a sense of unity and belonging within the staff.


Make Greener Marketing Decisions

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In honor of Earth Day, April 22, take a moment to reflect on this great place we live in and the impact you make every day. Going green is a big issue that many people care about. Earth Day gives us a day to demonstrate our support for environmental protection, so why not extend that into your business. There are simple ways you can incorporate environmentally responsible practices in your marketing initiatives.

Today’s increasing use of technology in and out of the workplace is great for our environment. Printing and handwriting are fading into our past. Technology helps but there are still more ways you can further your go green initiative in digital marketing. When sending an email campaign, for example, add a phrase that asks the reader to please consider the environment prior to printing this email. It’s that easy.

According to an article in Business 2 Community, “89% of the nation is willing to purchase at least one kind of product that has a positive impact on the environment.” So, if you have any products that promote a green initiative, promote those to help your brand lead by example. You could also start ordering supplies from local business vendors to reduce carbon emissions.

Use Eco-friendly products as giveaways! People get excited about giveaways … so get them excited about going green at the same time! For example, give out reusable water bottles, solar chargers, recycled paper (like ElRhino‘s paper!) and reusable grocery bags instead of environmentally harmful items.

So … Suncoast challenges you and your businesses to save the environment and GO GREEN!

Read more tips in the Business 2 Community article and check out ElRhino’s paper that saves the rhinos and the environment in India!!! (links above).

Promotional Products: Impact, Exposure and Influence

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Promotional products can make an impressive impact, but just how well do they help market your business? Promotional products are good for your marketing campaign because they are efficient – they have reach, recall, and low cost per impression.

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducted a survey of business professionals to prove just how influential promotional products are in marketing your business. (Read the whole article below).

According to the survey, 71% of a group of primarily business people said they got a promotional product in the last 12 months, and 33.7% see the item regularly because they had the item with them. And even better, about 76% of the group could recall the advertiser’s name on the product. Compared to those who had seen ads in magazines and newspapers of whom only 53% could recall the name of an advertiser.


People remember an advertiser’s name on a promotional product better than a magazine or newspaper ad.

And what’s even better is that promotional products have lower cost per impression! Promotional products are powerful opinion change agents. When you give someone a promotional item, they are more likely to feel gratitude and trust. According to the study, about 52% of respondents did business with the advertiser and reported that their impression was more favorable after getting the promotional item.

Furthermore, people tend to hold on to promotional products which means frequent, low cost, repeat exposure and could lead to pass-along exposure as well.

According to the study, of the people using the promotional item, 73% use it at least once a week and 45% use it at least once a day. That is an incredible amount of exposure and a low cost per impression. And 55% of people generally kept their product for more than a year, so that item and high amount of impressions is consistent for a year or more! And when someone got a product they did not intend to keep, they passed it along to someone else which, in turn, leads to increased exposure.



Promotional products provide advertisers advantages that they could not get from other forms of media. High recall, repeated exposure, favorable impression, and propensity to do business with the advertiser are key elements a promotional item brings to an advertising campaign. Promotional products work.

Case Study: Local Automotive Center Spends $761.60 to get $22,388.40

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What do you do with your old customer lists? What if you could use them to your advantage and make a huge profit? Read about how this local automotive center spent $761.60 to get $22,388.40 by using an old customer list.

Over the years you have lost a number of customers, UGH! Some of them have passed away, moved, were courted by a competitor and decided to leave you, and others just didn’t feel appreciated! This is one of the main reasons that companies go out of business. More often then not, it is MARKETING APATHY that caused you to shut your doors.

How many customers have you lost over the years? In his ground breaking book “The Loyalty Effect” , Frederick Reichheld  found that if you can reduce your customer defection by just 5% per year, you can increase you bottom line profit of over 30%. Once you plug in your numbers, you will see how powerful a customer retention or even a customer reactivation campaign can be for you!


Read More

Personalization: The Key to Success

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Cracking the Code on Personalization

Customer experience is key in the business world. Top companies with an exceptional customer experience win. So how do they do it? Personalization. A brand that delivers a quality, personalized experience will earn more sales and increase loyalty. A customer takes notice to a personalized experience when they shop around, so you just have to find out what brand personalization strategy is best for your company to increase customer experience. The key is to create a digital presence that attracts customers and differentiates highly from other companies so much that they will not  want to shop elsewhere.

Context is also important to personalization — you cannot have personalization without it. Advertise with content that goes above and beyond the  basic demographics that could apply to anyone to reach individual customers and find the “where” and “how” of their shopping behavior. For example, true personalization considers whether a user is shopping on his or her phone while commuting to work or browsing on a laptop at the end of the day. It also takes into account factors like a user’s location and purchase history, altering the experience accordingly.

Change your marketing strategy. Utilize a strategy that provides insight from multiple user channels (internet, mobile phones, and social media) to get a deeper understanding of your customers. Your data will help you further understand your most engaged customers and then target customers whom need a little push to drive them to make a purchase decision.

To read more about utilizing a personalization strategy, follow the link below!

Guide to Choosing the Right Promotional Products

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Promotional products are very useful, but how do you know which products are best and where to use them? Promotional items allow you to reach your target market and leave a lasting impression. Something as simple as a pen sitting on someone’s desk or a magnet on the refrigerator could remind them to call you for their business. Identifying your target market is a key deciding factor  in what promotional items to use. The right products in the right hands can create thousands of high quality impressions for much less costs than traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers or magazines. Every time your product is seen, your name is remembered and associated with good feelings of gratitude because you gave them something. Promotional items lead to more impressions through an extension of your target market; every time someone sees the item being used, or borrows the pen for example, another impression is created.

“If you choose the right product for the right target market, you receive thousands of targeted advertising impressions for much less than they would cost in any other advertising medium.” -Eaton



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