Business Gift Survey….Survey Says…..

Holiday Gifts for Clients and Employees are a huge business each year.  Everyone wants to get the most impact for the dollars they spend…and I have some great survey results that I will share below that will help you “target” that impact in future purchases!  The Survey Says……

According to the 2012 Holiday Gift Survey…over 50% of respondents list a products “Reputation for Quality” as their number one attribute for great gifts.  They simply do not want a cheap gift for the sake of receiving a gift.  So if you are thinking  of giving….go strong or stay home!

Another interesting number for Euby was that 63% of employers purchase employee gifts each year…and the amount that they spend per employee has stayed steady the last few years.  I would have expected a reduction due to the poor economic conditions of the last few years….and almost all wanted to keep the spend UNDER $ 50.00

The most popular gifts in the eyes of  the employers for their employees  were….. in percentage order …. 1)   Gift Cards  27%      2)  Apparel   25%      3)  Food  22%     4) Cash Bonus   17%   ( really…cash was  4th ??? )     5)  Padfolios / Pens / Drinkware all at 13%

The most popular gifts in the eyes of the Business owners to their clients were…in order….   1)  Food 28%             2)  Bags and totes  19%        3)  Apparel    18%         4)  GIft Cards   17%        5)   Padfolios, Pens and drinkware  13%

These were very surprising numbers to me….and I found them quite interesting!  I hope you did also.  Put the knowledge to good use…place it in your calendar for Oct 1 st next year…and make decisions accordingly for both groups!

That is it for this years blogs…see you in 2013 !          All the best!   Euby

The Top….or…I suppose the Bottom 10 Jobs? Really?? Unhappiest jobs? Not with Suncoast’s Clients!

Good Friday morning everyone !  T.G.I.F. !

I read the following business insider report this last week….and had thought about not forwarding it due to the “negative tone” it sets for the chosen vocation of many of my clients.

However, after thinking about it further…and realizing that while this may be the “norm” in the industry…it is certainly NOT the normal with our Suncoast clients….so I will share

the link with you.

I am confident that most if not all of our clients are the “exception” to this article and that they  find their chosen vocation to be one of the very best.  I am confident that the ease of doing

business with Suncoast is a positive impact on their outlook, and we are proud to be a part of their success.

Take a moment to read it …I think you will find it interesting ….and to some extent uplifting to NOT see your career listed.  As the old saying goes…not matter how bad it gets…it could

always get worse!   Stay positive…stay focused and success and happiness will find you !   Have a great weekend!     Till next time….   Euby

ScanLife Trending Shows Mobile Barcode Scans surpassed 16 Million in Q2 !

Wow…that is a BIG number!  It appears those that pronounced the “QR Code” era over were a  little “pre-mature” with their forecasts!

According to ScanLife …trending shows that “mobile bar code” scans SURPASSED the 16 million mark in Quarter 2 !  A 35% growth from

Quarter 1 globally !

The “ScanLife” app has surpassed the 20 Million download mark also ..with June producing the highest ever monthly scans !  This pushes

the numbers past the mark of “early adaptor users” and into the “main stream users” arena !

This data was culled from the ScanLife Reporting Platform and represents a wide-angle look at the entire market.  The 2 D bar code

scanning traffic, like the QR Codes,  may originate with ScanLife of other third-party apps !

Want to see more…go to them directly at

Have a great weekend…. till next time…


PRINT: Paper and Pulp Price Pressure continues…

The news on the “paper and pulp price pressures” continue to build toward substantial increases for 2010. We continue to see sharp increases in input costs for most mills, not only with pulp, but energy ( and this could be significant with some pending legislation ) wood, chemicals and transportation costs all trending up. Add to this that the “black liquor credits” all expired in 2010, which is the equivalent of a $ 100 per ton cost increase! IP, Franklin, Domtar and Plymouth together have announced permanent shutdowns of over 700 tons of uncoated freesheet capacity in North America alone in 2010! Additional imports may offset some of this capacity, but with the current issues with “mother nature” including weather and earthquakes as well as union strikes, will slow their importation. Pulp costs have risen 31% in the last year already….and that is eqivilent to $ 230 per ton in cost increases. Add to this possible pressure to close non-integrated paper mills in Europe and North American due to the rising costs of pulp, and we could be in for a long run of price increases, especially if demand stays strong or increases. Prepare for those increases now… it is no longer a matter of “if or when”….but “when, how much and how often”!


Paper Price Increase: Paper Madness ((Factors to Why))

Paper prices have been slowly but constantly edging upward over the past months and now they appear poised to possibly make some dramatic increases unlike any we have seen in recent years. There are several factors that are creating this climate of upward pressure on paper prices. Even with the recent recession paper consumption has remained strong. This coupled with various production plant closures prompted by various reasons, some financial and others due to enviromental regulations, capacity has been reduced. Now pulp shortages are now occuring and the month of March has seen an incredible number of events already that impact paper prices and it is only the 20 th! Another 11 days like the first 20 and paper prices may escallate at a record pace! With credit to the PAF’s recent breaking news on this very subject… are just a few of the real March “Paper” Madness …. Finnish Ports are on strike forcing their mills to shut down due to over stocked storage facilities. Since the U.S. receives over 600,000 tons annually of coated papers from them in the US ( Finnish Mills UPM ) you can quickly see the impact here. Pulp prices reached $ 900.00 per ton last week… the largest 7 day increase in 6 years! Pulp in Europe should break the $ 1,000 per ton mark this spring…and that is higher than the last peak seen in 1995! Add to that the earthquake taking out the Chilean production you have 12% of the WORLDS pulp mills shut down! And of course we have had one of the worst winters on record in the U.S. and with that very wet winter the US Mills are not able to harvest the pulp needed for production! St Marys Paper, New Page Corp and others have announced plans to curtail or place moratoriums on some paper grade orders. All of these situations world wide have created the “perfect paper storm” ! No need to panic…we will have paper…but we WILL be paying more! Euby