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Continued Success of the Pressure Seal Mailing Process

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Good morning,

Often I am asked “why” and “how” I manage to sell so many pressure seal systems and forms each year …year after year…..and my answer is typically the same…. it is a slam dunk ( it is basketball playoff time ) if a client is looking for actual process SAVINGS in both total procurement and processing time costs AND would like to earn a few “Green environment” points at the same time. It is truly one of the few “Green Initiatives” that a company can undertake without additional expense.

Even the USPS loves pressure seal…in fact it performed so well in their systems that they gave Pressure Seal mailers their own “stand alone” category. Simply stated….IT WORKS….IT SAVES DOLLARS and IT IS GREEN! That is a “three-peat” ( more basketball ) that is impossible to beat!

Some clients over the years have been “hesitant” to making the change….however, in over 25 years ( OK it is over 35 years …but that just sounds too long ) of selling pressure seal systems and products..I have NEVER had a client start to convert and not go thru with the conversion, nor have I ever seen one go to pressure seal and then revert back to the old “fold, stuff and mail” process.

The transition, while most think it is difficult, tends to be very fast and easy, as long as the documents are high quality and the appropriate pressure seal machine is purchased. Suncoast reps are all trained to provide both, and I will personally be involved in all Pressure Seal projects at Suncoast….just to insure that “seamless” process.

The documents are very versatile, and can be designed from a simple message document to checks and even direct mail with a return post card or even envelope. In the very near future we will announce a new machine that will allow “multiple pages” in a pressure seal document! More to come on that later…..

Pressure seal docs, when designed and produced properly, and printed and sealed on the appropriate systems, have exceptionally low jam and error rates, keeping the process running efficiently. Proper maintenance is required, primarily for simple wear and tear and / or toner build up, however, it is readily available and affordable. We offer entry-level machines under $ 2,900.00 !

Visit the Suncoast website and watch a Pressure Seal demo….it might be the answer for your growing business…. Economical, Green, Fast, Secure and versatile….

Till next time….

ScanLife Trending Shows Mobile Barcode Scans surpassed 16 Million in Q2 !

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Wow…that is a BIG number!  It appears those that pronounced the “QR Code” era over were a  little “pre-mature” with their forecasts!

According to ScanLife …trending shows that “mobile bar code” scans SURPASSED the 16 million mark in Quarter 2 !  A 35% growth from

Quarter 1 globally !

The “ScanLife” app has surpassed the 20 Million download mark also ..with June producing the highest ever monthly scans !  This pushes

the numbers past the mark of “early adaptor users” and into the “main stream users” arena !

This data was culled from the ScanLife Reporting Platform and represents a wide-angle look at the entire market.  The 2 D bar code

scanning traffic, like the QR Codes,  may originate with ScanLife of other third-party apps !

Want to see more…go to them directly at

Have a great weekend…. till next time…


A QR Code Update….

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Good Saturday afternoon everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend….and while I have blogged a great deal on QR Codes….I had another very interesting read forwarded to me by my partner Norm Cantelm from one of our manufacturers newsletters….there are some outstanding statistics in the article and I wanted to share them with you.  You know “Euby” is a big fan of the QR code and the other upcoming options ..( see previous blogs ) but to be printing products without a QR code in today’s market is really a “marketing miss”!

Think about it…it is hard to go anywhere and not see them today..the movies..on buses…on the bus benches…in the grocery store…at CHURCH ( yes…they are even in the bulletins now ) so why not “join the crowd” and spread your information in another fashion.  Two years ago I accepted the excuse that “they were not that widely accepted or recognized…but today..that is simply not the case.

Reports show that  only 4% of print ads in th US contain some form of 2D or QR code in 2011, with nearly half of them taking the viewer to a “general site”.  One quarter linked to a “brand building” campaign and 13% to a video, and 8% to a registration page.  Early in the year the code to ad rate was at 1% to 2% on average, however, by September that rate was at 6% and climbing…. so in only 9 moths the usage rate grew an incredible 600% !   We have talked about the other options in previous blogs….MS Tag, JagTag, and others….but reports show that the good ole QR code garners 87.8% of the market !  I will take that percentage any day !

Industry use of the codes varied with retail at # 1 ,  technology at #2,   finance # 3 and  personal care # 4  rounding out the largest markets.  Marketing firms are obviously still not “sold” yet…as evidenced by Home Depot only using codes in 26% of their ads and Ace Hardware only 8% of their print marketing.

One “future thought” to keep in mind is that QR code technology has over 40 levels and our current “smart phones”  ( are not as smart now as they will be ) can only read levels 1 thru 4….so there are a lot of unexplored opportunities with the QR codes going forward……  Keep yourself informed…. Euby will do his best to share this type of information as it is made available to him…so until next time…. Enjoy the upcoming Passover and Easter celebrations with your families….and just for fun…make note of the “QR” codes you see during the times together….you will probably be surprised.     Euby

QR Codes or Microsoft Tags? Which is the primary market tool of the two?

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Happy New Year !

We have had a difficult decision in the marketing process when faced with the use of the QR Code and the Microsoft Tag.  Some used the QR code and others the Tag…and then some ( like Suncoast and our cards..)  included both on occasion….and that may have actually led to even more confusion.

Over the past couple of years the QR code has really flexed the muscle….and has far more “public” recognition ( extremely important in the market place ) than the Tag…..and that has led Microsoft to announce a “one stop shop” for Marketers with the Tag, QR and NFC ( Near Field Communications ) all in one extension.  Brands now can have the freedom to choose the format best for their marketing efforts…and the consumers will have the ease of use of one reader to use for any of the formats. This decision by Microsoft has been met with a great deal of market enthusiasm and support. Obviously, Microsoft did not want to make this concession…they prefer to always “win” but while they are stubborn they were not about to take a “second” position ….. so the old saying goes….”if you can’t beat um…join um”…..and they have done just that!    I have attached a link to a great read about the decision and the market impact!  Enjoy !  Euby



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