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Print Solutions Conference and Expo 2012 – June 3 rd thru 6 th

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Euby is back on the road again….this time to the annual industry wide Print Solutions Conference and Expo 2012 in “the Charm City” Baltimore MD!  I hope to have the oportunity to share a little of the event with you on the blog during the event….however, my schedule is packed tight….and it might be the weekend before I actually post !

Join me at the 2012 PSCE …Take a Closer Look…. to stay better informed of the emerging trends and best practices of our rapidly changing industry.  Stay better connected and better equipped to position yourself and your organization for the future….. Euby will be attending sessions on “Starting with the End in mind” as well as “Major Marketing via LinkedIN” ….and one of my industry passions “Cross Media Marketing”.

During the event I will be officially inducted onto the PSDA Board of Directors, an honor that I greatly appreciate being entrusted with , and will certainly put forth every effort to make a difference for the association.  I look forward to my next blog having a great deal of updated information from the Event for you to use and share with others.  Until then…. have a wonderful weekend !    Euby

USPS…. Innovative Technology for Small Business

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Yes…they are losing market share …and lots of money….and closing …well they WERE closing many offices…but have pulled back under union and congressional pressure ( providers of such savvy business advise … it is no wonder that they continue to do so well? )  and are simply “reducing hours” to reduce costs….as they continue to hemorrhage money!  There is a great deal to criticise …..HOWEVER…when they do something right… it deserves a little “ink” also!

Introducing the Every Door Direct Mail service from the USPS !  The Euby phone has had more calls asking about this new program than any since the “flat rate boxes” were announced!

The details on this new innovative program from the USPS are as follows…..

It is a “direct mail shipping service for small business”!  Every Door Direct Mail is just that !  Every door….allowing small businesses to send out direct mail like post cards and brochures with postage rates as low as $ 0.145 and there is NO mailing list or even postal permit required!  Quick, easy and simple ! ( words not normally  associated with the USPS )

THe USPS website will provide an online “mapping” tool for choosing a “City,  Country,  Zip Code(s) or even a neighborhood” to receive direct mail at EVERY DOOR without the need to affix labels or postage!  How is that for innovative thinking from the USPS?  It will probably NOT be well received by the direct mail processing industry …however the small business folks are going to love this!  Using this with a cross media campaign of emails and texts should give great market penetration for those wanting to spread a message!

The tool is fairly easy to use, and a business can schedule a simple local mailing in minutes after registering and learing to use it for the first time.  Users will be walked thru step by step ( even Euby can do it ) and the exact amount of the postage is displayed instantly, and once you pay, you simply print out the documentation, and take that and your mail pieces to the USPS !  And you are IN THE MAIL !  It is really that simple !

THey have also redesigned the “Click N Ship” site for small business…and the dedicated business version now has a desktop app and expanded easier payment options.

If they keep thinking like this…and adding these types of innovative ideas…. and providing the tools to use them with efficiency and ease ( again, not normally associated with the USPS in the past ) they may very well be stabilized and even growing again in the next few years.   Visit the USPS website and check it out…. I think you will be impressed !   Until next time…….      Euby


US Probe of connection between banking remote check scanning and money laundering

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US Bank Regulators are investigating the multi-billion dollar payments processing sector due to security gaps which leave the banking institutions exposed to money laundering schemes by drug cartels and terror groups.

Regulatory enforcement has forced banks to hire more staff to conduct in-depth reviews and invest in higher technology improvements.

There is still ongoing concerns that the “weakness in the check clearing process” still leave security gaps.  Banks receive massive numbers of scanned checks making them more difficult to screen than the traditional wire transfers for suspicious activity.

Banks can also “mine” data easier in the wires….however, it proves difficult in the large numbers of scanned documents.

In recent years the scan process “Remote Deposit Capture” has allowed businesses to scan massive amounts of checks and deposit them in US Banks.  The process takes seconds to complete and the physical checks never reach the bank.

This leaves the door open for the drug cartels and terror groups to set up check cashing businesses and scan checks, money orders and travelers checks that they purchase with “dirty dollars” and create deposits in the US Banks.  Then transfer the deposits to legitimate businesses that support the cartels and terror groups….immediately providing “clean currency”

At least four major banks have been cited by the regulators for not adequately enforcing the security measure needed to prevent this from happening…and it is expected that more will follow.

The technology exists to close this “security breach” however it will take time and a great deal of money to close it completely.

Ref source:  Reuters News,  Brett Wolf  ( forward from fellow PSDA member Chait )

Save 2% on your USPS postage rates for maling this summer? You only need a QR code !

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The USPS is promoting Mobile Commerce and Personalization this summer !

By incorporating a QR Code into your mail piece, and following a few simple guidelines. you could save 2% on your mail programs postage rates this summer,

beginning July 1st and running thru August 31 st 2012.

The QR Code MUST direct the user to a MOBILE OPTIMIZED WEBSITE which allows recipients to purchase an advertised product or service from their mobile

device, or it must include a PURL ( personalized web page ) that is customized to that individual recipient.  NOTE:  It must reference personal data about the recipient

and not just a general place to gather information !

For more information contact your Suncoast Marketing sales representative and get ready to save some postage dollars to put toward other promotions !         Euby

An Ink your “touchscreen” can read???

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Just caught up on my PSDA Industry news and noticed a very interesting article from Kevin Tofel on “Touchcode”…..a new ink technology from Printechnologic!  It is an “interactive print product” !   Printed material using this “Touchcode” technology is identical in appearance to standard print…and can be recycled ….and is applicable to any printed products … products…business cards or almost anything you put ink on now.  A customizable electronic code embedded in the print process engages with a smartphones capacitive screen.

The folks at Printechnologic describe TouchCode as “an invisible electronic code printed on paper, film or labels.   Just put the product on the display of  your smartphone / tablet/ multi-touch device to read the data….no mater if you d like to confirm the authenticity of your brand product or make your card game come to life.  With “Touchcode” you add interactivity to just about any product.

Touchcode leverages the expanding number of devises with touchscreens in the mobile market…printed information provided by Touchcode is comprehensible to anyone who can read…while additional information or links to other data can be delivered with t touch-capable smartphone.  There are limitless possibilities with this new technology!  I will continue to update on this as I learn more…..

Kinda makes you wonder what in the world of print is next!!??!!       Have a great Passover and Easter Weekend!   Euby

More Paper Price increases announced

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More price increase announcements have just been made by the major mills.  With continued volatility in the free sheet market, the major mills have announced an increase in raw paper costs effective with April 2012 shipments.  This comes as no surprise to Euby as he has consistently warned of the upward pressure on the paper prices since last year, and continues to caution his clients that there will be more to come.

This current increase should filter down to you as a consumer at around 4% at consumer price levels.  It affects both bond and carbonless papers.

If you are budgeting for 3 rd and  4 th quarters….it would be a good idea to plan another round of increases like this later in the year.   As always, Euby will attempt to keep you “ahead of the increase” when possible.

Have a great rest of the weekend.    Euby

Mobile Marketing….are YOU taking advantage?

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Euby arrived a little later than normal at the office this Saturday as he was attending the grand opening of a new bank branch of one of his clients.  They had quite the event going …tents in the parking lot….hot dog vendor… ice cream carts…cold drinks and snacks…. games to win hats, balls, note pads etc….as well as drawings for cash prizes!  If you opened a new account…you received an extra $25.00 on your deposit ( of $ 250.00 or more ) as well as an umbrella!  Obviously a lot of thought and preparations had gone into it.  Suncoast will be hosting our “end-user show” May 24 th so we are in the midst of all of our preparations and planning also….and as I result I know first hand the work required.

However, one thing stood out to me….I didn’t see anything of a “mobile marketing” effort anywhere in the event.  Inside…outside…at the promotional areas…no where to be seen ( unless I missed it )!  and that got Euby thinking….HOW MUCH DO WE, as Marketing and Sales professionals “miss out on” due to not adding the “mobile” touch to our print and promotions?

Whether you believe it or not…there is no question that Mobile Marketing is and will continue to be CRITICAL to the success of marketing in today’s world!

Adding QR codes TO EVERYTHING you print is a very cost-effective ( really does not add any cost ) way to get started.  The code can drive them to a landing page or to your website…no matter which…you are getting their attention and the opportunity to “sell” them an additional time.    Just be sure you have created a “mobile friendly landing page …or website”….the worst thing you can do is drive them to a page or site that they really cannot use on a mobile device !

While I did not receive a text reminder for this grand opening… it would have been a great idea for them to “text” everyone on the invited list the day before to “remind” them of the big event.  Again..more mobile marketing…and text is becoming more and more of a “marketing marvel” !

So in the event you take “Euby’s advise” and add “mobile marketing” to your events and marketing plans in general….be reminded to make sure ( test it ) that your page or site is mobile friendly when they arrive.  If the final destination is not usable …the efforts are in vain.

Start your mobile marketing TODAY !   Get out in front of your competitiors!          Have a great weekend….   Euby

Really…An actual “3-D” Solar Sinter Printer…Prints on Sand with Sun Power….Talk about a “Florida Friendly Printer” !

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Honestly….I am NOT making this up !   A German designer “Markus Kayser” has developed a “3-D” Printer that runs on the sun and sand !   ( I could not have dreamed this up if I tried…not even after 12 hours of St Patty’s celebrating! )  It is called the “Solar Sinter” and is powered by solar panels and uses special lens that concentrates sunlight from a larger Fresnel lens onto a tray of “sand”.   The sand is then “sintered” ( or melted as we say in the south ) to form a glass object.  Belive it or not…all the way back into the mid 30’s scientists “theorized” that they could build roads and canals in the desert ( not sure what they would use canals for in the desert ….but…. ) using “sintering processes” but this is the first time the “theory” has been successfully utilized. The long-range plans of the inventor…….to “replace concrete” with this manufacturing process!  Yes…REPLACE !   What a huge “green impact” that would provide….using solar power to build rather than current technology which would greatly reduce the CO2 emissions created in the production of concrete!  Kayser insists with enough funding it can be “scaled” to the size needed for large production projects.  The initial research was funded by the Kohler corporation.   I will keep you advised as I learn more about this “revolutionary” technique.  ( Informational resource was Green Prophet 02/20/12 – Nitz )    That is it for now…till next time…Euby

5 Reasons you need to meet IN PERSON

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Good afternon….I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

At times it appears that everyone has decided to do business by email,  phone, fax, direct mail, Skype and even text in some

cases… some times it seems like any way but IN PERSON !

That is a big mistake in Euby’s opinion …and one he preaches at EVERY salesmeeting….in fact they all end the same with

the statement “GO OUT AND SELL SOMETHING”!    And I really belive it is the very best advise a sales manager can give

his or her team.  One of our reps has heard my message and forwarded me a great read out of INC magazine by a Rene Sigel

where she gave the following 5 darn good reason that ole Euby is right ( at least this time ! )

She wrote ( in part ) …..  All clients are alike… they are in a hurry…and want information fast…email…skype ..text etc….

BUT THEY AND YOU STILL NEED FACE TIME….  and the above it WHY…it’s an avalanche of information and to “STAND
OUT”  ( pun intended ) you have to BE THERE !

1)  You’re “off the record”…. If emailed is public knowlege…same with text ( just ask  Brett  Farve or Senator Weiner ) and

they know it…they can’t really give you all the information they might want to…unless face to face.

2)  Make use of the “not so small” small talk…. it builds releationships…and makes impressions

3)  Speaking of Impressions… It can be anything…your smile…the item you hand them…the color

of clothing or the lapel pen your wearing….maybe even your shoes… who knows…but if it impresses

they remember!

4)  You can read the body language and adjust your message accordingly….you have NO idea with any

other medium….

5)  Learn their enviroment….SEE IT….FEEL IT…. you can then adapt your presentation to THEIR
SYTLE….try doing that over the internet….

OK…I think you get the point of todays message….  GET OUT THERE !  No matter what your

product or service is…. or what your attempting to accomplish…. go do it in PERSON if it is

importatnt….the results will speak for themselves.!!!

Exciting new product to promote your message to your clients…..

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Good morning !

Take a moment to check out this link below on the “interactive card” !  This is a great new innovative product that will present your message in a way that it will stand out from the crowd !

What a great way to get the attention of the recipient….just imagine the possibilities of how you can present your marketing collateral on a unique piece like this!

Contact your Suncoast sales professional for more information or for product samples.   As always…delivering BRIGHT IDEAS !





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I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new business cards. For the first time since opening my company nine years ago, I am actually proud of my cards!! THANK YOU!
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