Thinking outside the bottle………

Many of you may not be aware, but I have been a member of the Boca Raton Chamber

of Commerce for the last few years.  Over my many years in this business, I tried out

several different chambers, and honestly never felt that I received enough from those

associations to warrant my time invested.  After being pushed hard to join, I reluctantly

did, and it has proven to be the most effective networking and business development

group I have ever been associated with…..I even attend a twice monthly leads group

that will tell you that they are “the best darn leads group in the galaxy” !

If you are not a member…and are wanting to network and grow…I invite you to be my

guest for a leads group or a Chamber breakfast and see what all the Boca Chamber has

to offer.  Just let me know if you are interested and we will set it up.!

Now …with that Infomercial over…I will share a little knowledge that I obtained from

one of my leads group partners… Rick Schuster  ( Great Realtor if you need one…he

can make the impossible happen…..)  on how you can “train” a flea…..see the following:


Do you know you can train just about anything….you can even train a flea!   It’s true…..


Fleas can jump extremely high ….many times their own height…to approximately 13” ….

pretty impressive isn’t it?


If you take a flea, and put it in a 12” high bottle, and put the top on it, the flea will

continue for a day or so to jump up and crash into the lid over and over again…and

then …after a while…will start to jump only about 11.5” high to stop just short of

the impact with the lid.
You can then take the lid off…and the flea will NEVER jump any higher..and will stay

in the bottle.


As a sales representative or a business person,  how many of us have been conditioned to

“stay in our bottle” ?


My guess is that this situation exists in all of us….more so in some than others.


We really have to “Think outside the bottle” ….don’t allow the number of “no’s”

you receive to in any way limit HOW HIGH you strive for.


Don’t get me wrong…do not spend your life  beating your head against the top…but

drop back down….regroup, rethink, retool, reinvigorate and go back in harder, higher,

faster and smarter!  Leave that “bottle” behind…..
Think outside YOUR bottle.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend…..and please do not forget those that gave

so very much for all of us !  May God bless them, their families, you and America!  Till

next time….




Thankful for ALL of you !

I trust everyone had a wonderful “Thanksgiving” weekend with their family and friends.  The “Euby” household certainly did…..”Grandpa Euby” in town along with most of the family and some great friends.  Lot’s of food and drink along with a few moments of reflection as we went around the table from the “oldest” to the “youngest” to say one of the things we were most “thankful” for over the past year.  After the festivities were all over…and a good night of “food coma” sleep….I have to admit that as I jumped onto the remote access to see if there were any client requirements on Friday morning ( Suncoast was closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving ) I started to think about how “Thankful” I personally am for all of our loyal clients…many of which I have done business with , and built long-term friendships with over the past…almost 30 years !  Wow….it is hard to believe….but a “humbling” fact !

I try to always remember to say “Thank You” to each and every client….however, I am certain that I forget at times…so please accept this “THANK YOU” to each of you in the “Thanksgiving Spirit” !  I am pleased and humbled to call so many of you n0t only my clients…but my friends!  May we all continue to enjoy these friendships for many years to come!   All the best to you and yours this holiday season!


A “Healthy” exchange on the Health Care Legislation recently upheld by the Supreme Court

Those of you who know Euby, are aware, that if someone wants to talk about any topic…even the ones that we are told “should not be discussed…religion, politics, race, the sexes etc….. and they insist on my comments, I will always

be willing to share them….but always with the upfront understanding that I enjoy a good discussion, even an energetic debate, but that I do not understand, nor will I participate in any angry exchange…if it cannot be discussed professionally

and courteously …then simply move on to other topics.

There are many folks that I can have these discussions with…and I can listen to their opinions, and they mine….if we agree great…if not…we can exchange ideas…. they probably will not change my mind, nor I theirs….but we both might learn

something we didn’t know prior if we take time to discuss.

I am always amazed at the number of people who are willing to share their opinion on topics, and if I disagree, immediately label all people who “think that way” in a negative and derogatory way.  Ironically, most often it is them insisting

that everyone should feel the way they do …be tolerant and inclusive…..BUT…if you disagree…”they toss you and all who think that way” to the curb as intolerant trash!  So…the logic is… what?  If you do not agree with what they feel, you

are “intolerant”, however, they “label” and “castigate” you in the name OF tolerance????  Never knew that “tolerance Terrace” was a one way street!   You would think it would run both ways….wouldn’t you?

Oh well…I do not think anything I say or  write will change those minds …but at least it lays the groundwork for the exchange that follows….a very FRIENDLY exchange on the Health Care Legislation and it’s pro’s and / or con’s based on

where you might stand on the subject.   This is a discussion between two really wonderful folks in our industry…. and then some “Euby” comments tossed into the mix since they included me in the exchange…. There are some great pieces of

information in the exchange and I thought it might be of interest.  It is NOT intended as a commentary or opinion of Suncoast or Euby…. simply an informative exchange on a “political” football topic…that is having and will continue to have

a HUGE IMPACT on all of us.  I hope you enjoy reading…..( Names have been removed for privacy )


Clearly this legislation is a political land mine and I choose not to  weigh in on that point. At this point it’s the law of the land and as > such I do believe there are some significant changes that, on balance,  benefit association group members.



– It creates a purchasing pool that enables small businesses and  individuals to maximize purchasing power.  Presently, these  individuals are largely priced out of the insurance market place ( Small group  members can attest to this I’m sure).  Pooling the small group market  will incent insurance companies to compete for this business —  something they don’t do today.  This is, perhaps, the most significant benefit to group members.

I have heard many people ask their groups to create an insurance pool to  maximize purchasing power among members.  This is that concept on steroids.


Several “States” had this type of pool available already…. and it  did work…..for the “Small Pools” …HOWEVER…it NEGATIVLY impacted  the larger groups increases as the Health Insurers ( as all businesses

do… ) had a bottom line goal and they simply put additional profit ( and Profit is NOT a dirty word )  dollars into the other areas to maintain their bottom lines.

– It restricts insurers ability to over-charge by requiring that 80% > of premium dollars go toward payment of medical care.  Today private > insurance medical premium payments hover around 65% to 70% meaning

that 30% to 35% of premium dollars going to overhead (marketing, executive compensation, etc).   In contrast, Medicare has a 1.5 to 2% overhead load so 98% of premium  dollars go to pay for medical care. ( see later

comments regarding the “unfunded entitlements over the next 20 years )


This was done earlier in this current administration to the “greedy evil  banking industry”  by placing restrictions on late fees, and penalty “interest rates”  to poorly paying late clients….the Banks responded by raising the prices of

ancillary services TO EVERYONE to maintain their bottom lines, and continue to do so to this day.  The  same thing all companies “singled out” in the same way would do.  As soon as the Health Care penalty phase kicks in, the Health

Insurance companies will have to do the same, and as  soon as they get to the “Evil Gas and Oil Companies” and eliminate  their research tax credits…those increases will be passed along to all drivers in higher gas > prices….  ( this will

certainly happen if current admin stays in place, as they are already talking about it )  As a business owner,  I can tell you this…there are very FEW if ANY companies that could survive on a GP mandate not to exceed 20% !  Maybe that is the

end plan….




– It eliminates exclusions and adverse rating for people with  pre-existing conditions, rating women higher than men, and denying  coverage to poor-risk groups. Most personal bankruptcies exist due to  medical bills so this is also a significant change.


Again, the insurers are forced to transfer these expenses to the  “General Pool” increasing everyone’s overall bills… and not for  nothing, we all know people who “Choose” ( no not all, but a significant number )  to lead unhealthy life  styles….

( one reason diabetes related illness is our largest US medical expense ) and those of us who lead healthy lives with good  diets and exercise will be rewarded with covering ALL forms of bad  health…both those unfortunately enough to be ill

thru no fault of  their own…and those who “choose” lifestyles that create all types of  illnesses in their lives.



– It eliminates the problem of uncompensated care – when an insured  person goes to a doctor or hospital and doesn’t pay their bills, the  hospital or doctor makes up for that by over-charging its paying  patients.  With most people covered, this uncompensated care subsidy will largely be eliminated.


It does not eliminate it….it takes it from the one pool and places  it into the “general pool” for all to pay for…. this is a HUGE win  for areas like NYC, San Fran, Chicago,  Philly,  and large entitlement  population areas…and will hammer

other areas with increased costs as  we “Spread the Pain” !  Most of these “costs” are associated with the Emergency Room visits… and the number of NON-EMERGENCIES treated in our ER’s far outweighs the number of “Emergencies”

that are treated in them.  This is a “care management issue” that well intended Government Intervention and legal issues have created.  If non emergency patients were simply forwarded to regular “Dr’s offices” “or clinics” where they should

have went in the first place, the costs would be greatly reduced.

– It creates new reporting standards so that purchasers of insurance  can compare apples to apples when buying a health plan, something that  can’t be done today.


Actually, it can be done, we do it EVERY YEAR for our company staff… it does  take a little time… but we simply have our insurance agent do a spread  sheet with all coverage’s and co pays side by side…usually 6 to 8 pages…..and then based

on bang for the buck…make the decision. Just like any other purchase decision in life. It is really not that complicated.


These are highlights but the law is designed specifically to address  the needs of small businesses and individuals.  There is a lot to  complain about on both sides but to say it offers zero to Association members is I believe incorrect.


I would agree with this statement, there are some “benefits” to all  association members….and they are going to PAY big for those limited benefits…again, going back to the banking industry…. it has failed miserably there….but they will try

again and again,  but in the end… cannot “legislate business” and have  “free enterprise”…they are fiscal opponents.  Eventually you have to declare which team your playing for…. “Free Enterprise Economy” or a “Government

Administrative Economy” ….   You cannot do both….. The Government Admin Economies ( Communism and  other similar ism’s ) have all failed this century…if they even  survived they are locked into substandard living conditions ….. if

they “blended the two”  ( Socialism and Progressive ) they are so  upside down they cannot function….Europe has tried the “blend” and  has failed….  I really struggle with following their lead…. as my  “Grandma used to say”….”so

grandson…….your watching your friends run  off a cliff in front of you,  and you feel compelled for “what reason”? to follow them”???

She was a smart woman…wished she were in this current administration …. but I do  not think they allow “common sense” to cross the beltway into D.C. anymore.

P.S.   By the way, do you know our “unfunded entitlement projections” for  Medicare and Medicaid over the next two decades?  It is over 10 TIMES  the current national debt.  If no one is worried about the $15 trillion dollar debt…maybe that

$190 Trillion pending debt will get their  attn…..and just to end this on a “more negative note” we just added  another 40 million people to the “unfunded problem” …… it just  keeps getting better and better….

Sorry to be so negative…but the numbers simply do not add up.  I  love the “positive thoughts and spin….I live that way”….but  numerical facts are facts….only DC can possibly come up with  something like this and package it as a wonderful

decision……again…”No Common Sense” allowed in DC

That is it…Thought I would share….again…both sides presented….”Fair and Balanced”!  Where have I heard that before????     Comments and responses are encouraged…it is a very important topic!       Till next time…..  Euby

15 Ways to encourage business to come to you !

Good Saturday morning to everyone!  Just finished a great read in Advantages Magazine by Jennifer Vishnevsky…..15 Ways to Make Business come to YOU !

As sales people we spend a great deal of our time and energy chasing the business…as we all should!  However, if we can “market” ourselves, products and

organizations more effectively and have the “business come to us”….how much more could we sell?    Take a few moments and think about these 15 “tools” that

we can all use to our advantage….and have business come back to us!

1)  Email…Send “targeted” emails and the orders will come!

2)  Magic…. OK not all of us are magicians…but we all have “talents” …if you are doing ANYTHING as a hobby or “gig” ..incorporate a little “sales” into it!  It will provide more prospective business!

3)  Get your NAME in print… Don’t be shy…tout yourself, your products and company in new bulletins or story lines to industry magazines and on-line sites.  BLOG ( now who does that regularly ? ) etc.

4)  Social Media…. USE IT !  This blog will go to my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts…. why not?  You should also have a “brief commercial” in your profiles on both!

5)  Obtain Certified “woman owned or minority owned business” if applicble…there are MANY companies that seek them out!

6)  Attend Business Roundtables and participate!

7)  Identify anything that is “stopping you” from selling…and make adjustments to correct!

8)  Used “gated” content..Write a “white paper” and place it on your website…have a “catch title” like   Five Tips to Success!.

9)  Write a short book on your industry and have it digitally produced and “leave it behind” with you clients and prospects!

10)  Make yourself available as a speaker …and participate in speaking events !

11)  Teach…. Offer to “teach or speak to” a class at the local university or community college

12)  Offer to “Guest Write” to blogs or Websites…. ( I would welcome a guest blog here at the Euby blog ! )

13)  Create Compelling Content….from the headline to the information provided.

14)  Get active on-line… PARTISIPATE….BLOG…. respond to your peers on lists or groups on-line!

15)  Euby’s Favorite….ASK for referrals !  There is nothing more powerful than a “trusted friend” of a prospect introducing you!

Ok there you have it…. 15 ways…to send business YOUR WAY!  Thanks to Jennifer and Advantages for a great thought-provoking

read that sparked a few “Euby thoughts” above….even on a early Saturday morning.  Have a great weekend !   Euby

A new one for the Euby blog….

Those of you who see Euby on a regular basis know that over the last 16 months or so I have lost about 30 lbs of excess weight that had built up over the past few years.  I simply made a change in the foods that I ate regularly and the weight came off quickly and easily with my disciplined approach.

That started a thought process…yes…I still do take time to “think” occasionally….. about “sales” and “sales people” and how many are not successful or do not achieve a level of success that they could if they would implement a disciplined approach!  There is a tremendous amount of effort required in a disciplined approach to anything in business, or life in general, and the ugly truth is that most of us are simply unwilling to put forth the effort!  It is far easier to continue in the same path…and avoid any efforts required getting thru to the new growth….and of course…continue to receive the same mediocre results.

In spite of the constant “hype” telling us otherwise…. there is nothing short of putting forth effort in a disciplined manner that will lead to your continued success.  Take a moment to think about your current approach and what you could do differently to add the effort necessary to succeed or to rise up to the next level.  It is there…present in you …but only you can pull it out and use it!  Dig deep…get started this week…..make the effort to effect the real change you need to succeed !


P.S.  One of my fellow Inner Circle members is Janine Fitzgerald of “wellcoaches”… she shared with her clients the top Fat Burning Foods recently…and I ended up with a copy in my hands…. and after reading it shot her a quick note to let her know that while I do consume all but two of them on a regular basis…that most people probably were un-aware that they were as helpful in losing weight as they are… as a public service…I will share them with you….they are as follows   1)  Citrus Fruits – not my favorite..should do more       2)  Salmon  –  a regular on my  plate… like it just about any style      3)  Artichokes –  Great as a snack even      4)  Greek Yogurt   – excellent any time of day   5)  Green Tea… great for you and great tastes     6)  Coffee  –  who knew???      7)  Hot Peppers  –  put them into most dishes….  can’t get enough      8)  Cranberries –  Great flavor and good for you     9)  Legumes…. a great food source for all of us !  And healthy!

There you have it….first the narrative for inspiration and then the details for the instructions…..  go ahead……gain some momentum toward your success…and lose a few pounds along the way….a real WIN – WIN !