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Suncoast Marketing Announces the Introduction of the PS – 15 Pressure Seal System – The Low Cost Leader in low volume pressure seal processing

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Good afternoon from Suncoast and Euby !

After a great deal of planning, negotiations, and hard work…..

We are finally allowed to announce the introduction fo the brand new PS – 15 Pressure Seal System from Suncoast Marketing…. ( see link below for the specification sheet )

PS -15 The Industry Lowest Procurement cost system….

This new Pressure Seal System offers our clients tremendous flexibility and capability….far outpacing the industry’s current low volume systems, and provides all of features

of many of the much more expensive systems….all at by far the lowest price point in the industry.   This new systems low procurement cost will allow many clients who previously

could not justify a two, three or four thousand dollar expense,  the ability to purchase a PS 15 PRessure Seal system for substantially less than that previous low $ 2,000 + cost

level…..  This will allow even the smaller offices the flexibility of converting the “PS 15 Green Machine” and eliminate their envelopes for mailing !  With this los cost point the

system will pay for itself in envelope savings very repaidly….not to mention the time savings of the pressure sealing system.

Call you Suncoast Sales representative today for a demo….they will be more than happy to share the full story along with a complete demonstration.


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Good afternoon !

As most of you know…I am somewhat “technically challenged” at times…and today is one of those days…

I have attempted several times to add an image of a brand new Pressure Seal System that we are announcing

this week …. and cannot accomplish the task.   So…I will substitute a little information on Print vs Technology

and how “Print” might be more environmentally friendly “all around” than the high tech “so-called green” gadgets

we have all learned we cannot live without !  One of my  good friends from PSDA sent me the link…and I found

it very interesting.   Give it a read…. and let me know what your thoughts are afterwards.

If interested please click on the links within the iPhone image to understand the full scope of their impact.
Have a great weekend!





Press Release….Suncoast and Euby announce the addition of John Donhouser to the Suncoast Sales Team

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Good “chilly” ( 46 degrees this morning ….burrrr ) morning to everyone !

We at Suncoast are very pleased to announce the addition of John Donhauser to the Suncoast Marketing Sales Team !

John comes to us with years of industry experience from both the end-user sales side ( at Moore back in the day ) to

the manufacturers representative from the All Trade company in past years and most recent years with Wise Business

Forms !

Please join me in welcoming John into the Suncoast family….well…he has been a part of it really for several years,

we simply have a “desk” for him now !  NOT that he will be using it much….you will see him on the street making

calls ….  John get’s it….. he knows the harder he works…the luckier he gets in sales!

Welcome aboard John !  We are pleased to have you on the team !     Euby

Good News from the USPS for Direct Mailers…..

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Almost everyone is aware of the recent postal increases….as they were heavily promoted and advertised…..however, there was some “good news” with the bad news of price increases!

In an effort to “boost” commercial use of First Class Mail…the USPS launched its new “Second Ounce Free” pricing program that enables direct mailers to send letters weighing up to

two ( 2) ounces for the one ( 1 ) ounce postage rate!   That is GREAT NEWS for Direct Mailers and Promotional mailers!

Be sure to take advantage of this great offer…. and it is being touted by the USPS as a PERMANENT CHANGE !  The USPS discovered that their equipment actually handled a two

( 2 ) ounce package exactly the same as the one ( 1 ) ounce…so while it is a great savings to the mailers…it really does not affect the USPS operations at all…..  Can we all say WIN – WIN !


Do you market with QR Codes or Snap Tags?

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Euby has  just finished reading an article in Print Solutions discussing the use of Snap Tags over the more traditional QR Codes….and felt that it was worth sharing…..

Jeffrey Hazzlett, a long time industry author, had shared the story of stopping the presses at the last-minute on his latest book “Running the Gauntlet”  ( well worth the read ) to switch the QR codes at the beginning of each chapter to the Snap Tags.

He basically stated that after learning about Snap Tags he re-labeled QR codes as “Ugly Codes” because by looking at them you cannot tell where you will be going or what it will be about….where as with the Snap Tag the image is embedded in it …giving the person snapping it….a sense of “what they will see or experience” when they get there…making them far more informative and trusted.

But the greatest benefit is that you do NOT need a smart phone to use them.  Many people still do not have smart phones…so snap tags opens up your marketing to that demographic that has previously been left out. …. increasing your target market and your results.  Even those with smartphones may find the Snap Tags more user-friendly as taking a picture and texting is a more common action than downloading the reader apps and scanning the QR codes.

There is added costs associated with Snap Tags over the QR Codes…but in some instances this additional cost may very well be worth the investment.

Talk about your full marketing plans with your Suncoast Representative and determine which technology makes more sense for you and your organization.  He or she will be more than happy to assist you with that decision and the subsequent implementation.

Till next time…. “all the best”!       Euby


Quick Reminder…Chinese New Year 2012 Year of the Black Dragon – Country Basically CLOSED for the Party !

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Just a quick reminder… just about every function of business in China is CLOSED for the New Years party of 2012 !  And the Chinese “best us” in the New Years Party for sure !  They have been basically “shut down” as a Country business wise for a week….and will not really be fully operational until after February 1 st.  ( I did blog about this earlier advising that the New Year came early this year and to plan ahead for import quotes and orders )

This is the year of the “Black Dragon” which makes this particular new year very auspicious!  It only rolls around every six decades…so they have 60 years to plan their parties…and the theme is based on the symbology of the year……and the Black Dragon is the symbol of “courage and soaring hope”!    Sounds like a great theme for 2012 !  Happy Chinese New Year !

Business as usual after February 1 st !      Euby

Google Wallet! ?? What is it???

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Google Wallet is getting a lot of publicity of late…. but mostly in the “tech” circles.     But it has arrived….and you are probably part of it….knowingly or not!   Banks, restaurants and retailers of all kinds have plans to sell you everything …all from the comfort of your cell phone !   You have probably already made your first purchase….a ring tone..,video game…or music….but that is just the “tip of the iceberg” to use an old phrase!  And even so…is is a HUGE market…about $ 7 Billion dollars in the US alone !  ” Mobile Commerce” – buying goods off the internet from your mobile phone  is projected to top $ 10 BILLION dollars this year !  Another staggering statistic is that in 2008 PayPal did $  25  MILLION  in mobile volume….in 2011  ( 3 short years ) they did  $ 3 billion in mobile volume!  So your phone becomes your credit card!  Gotta love the conveniece…..but there is MORE coming around the corner….

NFC is going to be a “game changer” in this field….As more smartphones have this technology ( allows you to transmit data short distances like to a cash register by “tapping” your phone on a reader ) it will have a tremendous impact….it also will probably start with “music” being shared among friend by “tapping”…..but it will lead to wider acceptance and more and more uses ( much like the QR code revolution ) in the market place.   We will start seeing NFC Chips in store shelf signs….tap your phone and you will have the “coupon” from the poster….stored in your digital wallet.   What a great program…. and a wonderful new service and product that Suncoast can offer.    As this technology continues to develop …Euby will continue to update you !  Until then….start practicing your “Tapping” !    Euby

Just how often are you “seduced” ?

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Euby and Suncoast Marketing often engage the services of Bruce Cameron of FrontLine Marketing for customer service and sales training.  Bruce brings a fresh and energetic approach to training and behavior modification that makes learning fun!  

Frontline publishes a newsletter “Sparks Fly” that always shares a few insights into human behavior…..and Euby found this weeks to be extremely interesting…..OK… I admit it …the first line pulled me in….but then…that is great marketing! 

And…I felt compelled to share it with you !  Enjoy the read…and the thoughts….contained below!  YOU are being SEDUCED again !     Euby

Shared with you from “Sparks Fly” …..FrontLine Marketing and Bruce Cameron


You are being seduced everyday.
And even though you may   argue that you aren’t getting that much action ….

I can assure you from   years in advertising, marketing and public relations, that YOU are all   advertisers think about and a very real seduction tool they use is emotional   contagion.

Elaine Hatfield is a   leading research psychologist in the area of emotional contagion and here is   how she describes it.

“When people are in a   certain mood, happy or sad, that mood is often passed on to others. When we   talk to people that are depressed, we can feel depressed. When we talk to   people that are happy we are likely to feel happy and good about   ourselves.”

OK. So why is it in your   best interest to not only learn about it, but to learn how to use it?

Guys, maybe you think that   emotional contagion is harmless, more a female, ‘feeling thing’ and that your   actions are not dictated by emotions.

No doubt you’ve heard   about the power of first impressions and that we make up our mind about   someone in 60 seconds. Hear this! Actually not only do we decide how we   ‘feel’ about someone in about 2 seconds, but virtually all of our decisions   are made emotionally. We then back up our decision with rational thinking.   Regardless of the product, we vote emotionally, then rationalize.

Consider this. We are exposed   to over 3,000 call to action messages a week (advertising).  And the   explosion of communication technology, like smart phones, MP3 and tablets   gives advertisers more outlets from which to lead us to a desired outcome.

Emotional contagion is   used everywhere. For example, the laugh track used in situational comedy’s is   an example of emotional contagion in action. Laughter influences others to   laugh. And it is widely believed that an action creates a feeling. In our example, laughter creates a   feeling of happiness. If we feel good, then we are more likely to like and   watch the tv show. The more we ‘like’ and identify with what we are watching,   the more opportunity for advertisers. 

Seduction   is fun.

We have a choice. We can either continue   being seduced unconsciously or we can become aware, learn and gain power over   the choices we make and the messages we send. We can become active   participants in being seduced and in seducing. And really, isn’t it much more   fun when we have a clue and get to play too?

2012…a few questions to ask yourself to make it your best year ever!

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Happy New Year !   We are all aware that the last few years have been some of the most “challenging” of most of our lifetimes.  What was once quite easy became difficult…. and the past difficulties became extremely challenging and some of the “challenges” became almost impossible…..  Now we have a New Year and we all desire that same improvement!  So…what are we going to do “differently” to accomplish the desired outcome?  A friend of Euby’s ( thanks Jeff ! )  sent him the following “questions” to ask yourself….set aside a few minutes…and read the questions…and WRITE down your answers.  Keep it where you can see it dailiy…and refer back !  MAKE IT HAPPEN…MAKE 2012 the “turn around” year !  Pass along the Passion !

1)  What are you going to do differently this year to improve your industry and product knowledge?

2) How will you market to your inactive clients to “revive” them?

3)  How will you add “value” to your  relationship in existing clients?

4)  How many “new customers” will you target to activate this year?

5)  What will you do to improve your “physical” health to allow you to perform better?

6) What are your “Goals” for this year in business?

7) What will you do daily to keep your “passion” and “attitude” at high levels?

8) How many referrals will you receive from clients?  How many times will you ask for them?

9)  Where can you “maximize” your time by eliminating the “time wasters” ?

10)  What have you been “putting off” that you can take care of THIS WEEK?

How good will you feel when you commit to the above….take action on it…and

accomplish it ?   Get started today….  Go out and implement your plan and MAKE


A final quote….”Your actions…and your actions ALONE, determines your worth”!  Johann Fichte

Coke and QR Codes….

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Saturday morning greetings from beautiful Cocoa Beach Florida !

Euby is enjoying a Saturday morning at Cocoa Beach after a two-day trip across the great State of Florida working

with our clients in Tampa and St Pete.  But with a little downtime I am catching up on some saved reading material

and ran across this great article on QR Codes and Coke….  It is a tremendously large program and one that continues

to point out the validity of the “QR Message” that Euby and the team at Suncoast Marketing have been promoting for

years…..QR Codes should be used on all of  your printed sales collateral, materials and products.  Why not continue to

advertise ( at really no added costs ) to your clients and prospects !    Follow the link below…..and see what that marketing

marvel Coke is up to now……if it is strong enough for Coke…isn’t it applicable for you?

Are you convinced yet?  If so, and you are not active in the QR arena… your Suncoast Sales professional and schedule

an appointment to integrate QR codes into your cross media marketing strategy.  You will be glad you did !

Have a great weekend….it’s off to a few mile walk on the sunny beaches of Cocoa Beach…..and no….I will not have my phone

with me !  Euby is off the grid for a few hours.  Enjoy !    Euby



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