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Choose Print for your Next Marketing Campaign

In today’s increasingly technology-dependent world, paper and print are becoming a thing of the past. In business, marketing specifically, print’s days are far from over. Quality, attractive print design can reach people technology would miss. And believe it or not, print is an affordable way to reach your target market when managed effectively. Many people prefer to buy something from a catalog or brochure as opposed to online shopping because they feel it is coming from a more reliable source.

Print, when done well and effectively, has a much longer shelf life than digital advertising. A buyer can easily forget a digital ad or email campaign, whereas a well designed, appealing  brochure or flyer can be used again and again. It could become a coffee table read, front desk  flyer, or a handout to every client … any scenario leaves it in the buyer’s hands for a longer time than any digital ad could leave an impression.

Buyers also view a company with print ads as more exclusive and more reliable. Print ads, catalogs, and brochures make your brand seem more exclusive and high end. In today’s world, many people can create a good digital ad. Even if the product is not high-end, technology can create powerful ads to make buyers believe otherwise. Print promotes a powerful, exclusive brand that buyers trust as a quality brand. People trust print. Buyers feel more valued when receiving a printed advertisement rather than a mass email or social media campaign.

Print also allows you to completely personalize your advertisement as well as more  accurately hit your target market. Print gives you a creative outlet to make your company stand out, be unique and personalize in a way that digital advertising just wouldn’t allow. You can also specifically reach your target market by way of handouts or direct mail. People can easily delete an email or pass over an annoying internet ad, but a direct mail piece or handout in a buyer’s hand is less likely to be thrown out or disregarded as fast as a digital ad.

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I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new business cards. For the first time since opening my company nine years ago, I am actually proud of my cards!! THANK YOU!
Jill L.
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