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Get your Name in Front of Customers & Grow your Business

Staying “top of mind” with your clients and prospects is a key factor in growing your business. You have to find ways to make it easy for people to remember you and contact you.

Here’s the easy part … there are many, many options for you to advertise your business. But how do you know which is best? Traditional advertising through newspapers and magazines has potential but could be very costly to keep up with. A marketing campaign such as this requires a lot of work and repetition which is often to expensive to do on an ongoing basis. The best, most cost effective way to leave a memorable impression is through creative use of promotional products.

Promotional products are an easy way to create a lasting impression and are proven to have a higher recall  rate than other traditional advertising methods. Simply put, promo items have high “staying power.” If you promote your business with a promo item of good quality and functionality, it will be used over and over long after they receive the product which, in turn, reminds people of your business with each use or glance at the product.

Promo is a great way to get your name out to potential clients and leave a lasting impression on your buyers.  But there are a few things to remember when using promo as a gift … keep in mind who is  receiving the gift. Giveaway-type products like pens, sunglasses, and mugs for example should be used to announce a new product or at an event to go along with your theme. Holidays and corporate events require a much different type of gift.

Corporate gifts leave a lasting impression and are a great way to maintain relationships with your valued clients or recognize your employees. Choose thoughtful gifts that relate to the person’s interests, job or hobbies. Personalized gifts of good quality show your thoughtfulness and appreciation of the person’s business.

Any way you use them, promo  items are all part of an effort to retain name recognition. They also help consumers to generate referrals,   increase traffic at trade shows, or talk about new products. Plan a promotional marketing campaign and watch your business grow!

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