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Guide to Choosing the Right Promotional Products

Promotional products are very useful, but how do you know which products are best and where to use them? Promotional items allow you to reach your target market and leave a lasting impression. Something as simple as a pen sitting on someone’s desk or a magnet on the refrigerator could remind them to call you for their business. Identifying your target market is a key deciding factor  in what promotional items to use. The right products in the right hands can create thousands of high quality impressions for much less costs than traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers or magazines. Every time your product is seen, your name is remembered and associated with good feelings of gratitude because you gave them something. Promotional items lead to more impressions through an extension of your target market; every time someone sees the item being used, or borrows the pen for example, another impression is created.

“If you choose the right product for the right target market, you receive thousands of targeted advertising impressions for much less than they would cost in any other advertising medium.” -Eaton



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It has been nothing but a pleasure partnering with Chris Scala and Suncoast Marketing over the past few years. Chris is constantly providing us with creative ideas to best promote our brand. The products provided are always top notch. From our screen printed t-shirts for our field technicians to our embroidered polos, everything is timely and professionally done. They even handle last minute items when we want to wow VIP customers. Most importantly, Suncoast has taken the time to learn our logos and strict brand guidelines to make sure whenever printed, our logo looks the best. Chris truly understands how I operate and caters to our needs including how we can best communicate to what items we purchase. I highly recommend Suncoast for your marketing item needs
Cristina CrenshawHill York
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