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Modern E-Commerce: Learn How to Stay Competitive


It has been two decades since the start of e-commerce, and since then, e-commerce has changed dramatically and has evolved in many ways. Based on an article by Jetlore, today we are going to focus on e-commerce’s shift from transactional commerce to relationship commerce and what is needed to stay competitive in today’s world.

In the 1990’s, the primary focus of e-commerce was customer transactions acquired by search. So, SEO-friendly sites were most competitive. Customers would then be shown product recommendations, sent emails, and given an easy way to check out. This way, customers transactional revenue is maximized.

Though this is important, e-commerce has evolved into something more relationship oriented in order to build a lasting relationship and long-term sales. Most revenue comes from repeat customers, so this evolution makes sense. Customers now feel connected and want to shop again. Some of the common traits of relationship commerce to keep in mind and stay competitive are:

-No more guest check outs – strengthens the relationship

-Maximized percentage of logged-in traffic – makes the experience easier and more personalized for the customer

-User profiles invested with contributed data – customers can create a list of their favorite products, gives customers more reason to come back

-Invested upper funnel experience – constantly changing content personalized to the user’s specific taste

Relationship commerce is the key to a successful and competitive e-commerce platform because of creates strong customer retention, repeat purchases, and high customer life value.



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