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Personal Branding: A Leadership Imperative

Inspired by Adele Gulfo’s article in Huffington Post Business, we decided to look into the true meaning of personal branding. Your personal brand is everything you stand for and what you can deliver. It should be unique and clearly differentiating. When establishing your brand, you have to think about what makes you special and how you want to be known.

That being said, your brand is more than how you look on paper. A list of accomplishments cannot define you or speak for you when you are interacting with business partners and colleagues. When you are true to yourself, you are acting in favor of your strengths and contributing to  your authentic leadership. Use your beliefs, passions and expertise to build your personal brand, then live it.

Everyday you should be building and perfecting your personal brand. Be accountable for your professional growth, manage it, and develop new skills. Challenge your expertise, take chances and gain high reward. Make yourself known by everyone, wherever you are. Leave a lasting impression. Be prepared and build relationships. Find what you are passionate about and explore it. Be optimistic and self motivated. Be happy. Lead others down the right path with you.

Find what it takes to build your personal brand and you will succeed professionally and personally. What makes you, you?



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I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new business cards. For the first time since opening my company nine years ago, I am actually proud of my cards!! THANK YOU!
Jill L.
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