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Personalization: The Key to Success

Cracking the Code on Personalization

Customer experience is key in the business world. Top companies with an exceptional customer experience win. So how do they do it? Personalization. A brand that delivers a quality, personalized experience will earn more sales and increase loyalty. A customer takes notice to a personalized experience when they shop around, so you just have to find out what brand personalization strategy is best for your company to increase customer experience. The key is to create a digital presence that attracts customers and differentiates highly from other companies so much that they will not  want to shop elsewhere.

Context is also important to personalization — you cannot have personalization without it. Advertise with content that goes above and beyond the  basic demographics that could apply to anyone to reach individual customers and find the “where” and “how” of their shopping behavior. For example, true personalization considers whether a user is shopping on his or her phone while commuting to work or browsing on a laptop at the end of the day. It also takes into account factors like a user’s location and purchase history, altering the experience accordingly.

Change your marketing strategy. Utilize a strategy that provides insight from multiple user channels (internet, mobile phones, and social media) to get a deeper understanding of your customers. Your data will help you further understand your most engaged customers and then target customers whom need a little push to drive them to make a purchase decision.

To read more about utilizing a personalization strategy, follow the link below!



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I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new business cards. For the first time since opening my company nine years ago, I am actually proud of my cards!! THANK YOU!
Jill L.
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