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Promotional Products: Impact, Exposure and Influence

Promotional products can make an impressive impact, but just how well do they help market your business? Promotional products are good for your marketing campaign because they are efficient – they have reach, recall, and low cost per impression.

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducted a survey of business professionals to prove just how influential promotional products are in marketing your business. (Read the whole article below).

According to the survey, 71% of a group of primarily business people said they got a promotional product in the last 12 months, and 33.7% see the item regularly because they had the item with them. And even better, about 76% of the group could recall the advertiser’s name on the product. Compared to those who had seen ads in magazines and newspapers of whom only 53% could recall the name of an advertiser.


People remember an advertiser’s name on a promotional product better than a magazine or newspaper ad.

And what’s even better is that promotional products have lower cost per impression! Promotional products are powerful opinion change agents. When you give someone a promotional item, they are more likely to feel gratitude and trust. According to the study, about 52% of respondents did business with the advertiser and reported that their impression was more favorable after getting the promotional item.

Furthermore, people tend to hold on to promotional products which means frequent, low cost, repeat exposure and could lead to pass-along exposure as well.

According to the study, of the people using the promotional item, 73% use it at least once a week and 45% use it at least once a day. That is an incredible amount of exposure and a low cost per impression. And 55% of people generally kept their product for more than a year, so that item and high amount of impressions is consistent for a year or more! And when someone got a product they did not intend to keep, they passed it along to someone else which, in turn, leads to increased exposure.



Promotional products provide advertisers advantages that they could not get from other forms of media. High recall, repeated exposure, favorable impression, and propensity to do business with the advertiser are key elements a promotional item brings to an advertising campaign. Promotional products work.



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