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Promotional Products: The Key Ingredient to Integrated Marketing

People prefer promotional products, remember them more, and have a more positive attitude towards them versus television ads! Promotional products are more credible and lead to more referrals than other forms of advertising.

Many traditional forms of advertising and promotion are losing ground to newer media. This trend presents opportunities for the promotional products medium. However, very little research exists documenting the effectiveness of promotional products when compared to and combined with other traditional forms of advertising such as television and print.

To further research this, a study utilizing the most critical demographic group ages 18-34 years was conducted for PPAI by researchers at Louisiana State University and University of Texas at San Antonio. Those in the 18-34 age group are among the hardest for marketers to reach, one that nicely coincides with the population available in a university setting. From an advertising perspective, this audience is usually highly desirable.

Follow the link below to read more about the study!



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It has been nothing but a pleasure partnering with Chris Scala and Suncoast Marketing over the past few years. Chris is constantly providing us with creative ideas to best promote our brand. The products provided are always top notch. From our screen printed t-shirts for our field technicians to our embroidered polos, everything is timely and professionally done. They even handle last minute items when we want to wow VIP customers. Most importantly, Suncoast has taken the time to learn our logos and strict brand guidelines to make sure whenever printed, our logo looks the best. Chris truly understands how I operate and caters to our needs including how we can best communicate to what items we purchase. I highly recommend Suncoast for your marketing item needs
Cristina CrenshawHill York
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