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Promotional Products Work!

Use promotional products. There is no better way to attract new clients, increase brand awareness, and grow your business. Using your marketing budget on promotional products is a great  investment. They are cost effective and reach a large audience with little effort.

Draw attention to yourself! If you want to get the attention of new clients and be remembered, there is nothing more powerful than giving someone a free gift with your name on it. Whether it’s an awesome t-shirt or a pen, people are more likely to see your name and recognize your brand if you put it out there. And the better you make the product, the more people will want it! Not to mention giving someone a gift is an easy way to open the lines of communication. A promotional product is an icebreaker that, more often than not, leads to new business.

Promotional products lead to new business and create a positive image for your business. Promotional products increase brand exposure. Repeated exposure exponentially increases brand recognition. It’s that simple!

Re-gifting is an added perk of promotional products. When someone likes your product, they are likely to tell someone about it, share it, or  pass it on to someone new, therefore increasing your impressions. This is an easy and effective way to reach a large amount of people in your target market. But  you shouldn’t stop there. It’s okay to step outside of your target market. Promotional items have no geographic or demographic limitations because of their mobility. Anyone can, and will, use promotional items which gives you the ability to reach people you may have never gotten the chance to reach with more traditional advertising methods.

Expand your company with promotional products. Advertise easily and effectively; watch just how great promotional items work for you. Some ideas from this article are based on Arsham Mirshah’s article in the American Marketing Association of Baltimore. If you would like to read more from this article on ways promotional products increase your business, click here.



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I just wanted to send a note and thank you for all of your help sourcing materials and pricing for our upcoming LATAM Annual Conference. You made the process easy, and I knew we were in good hands! I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Kelly S.SmithBucklin Corporation
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