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RE-think Print for your “Non-Traditional” Content Strategy

Today, print is being considered “non-traditional” marketing because we are so concentrated on digital marketing. That being said, that does not mean that print is dead. Print is not on a decline, it is just being viewed in a different light and has proven very effective when used correctly.

Print grabs attention. Direct mailing, magazines and print newsletters are less prevalent in your mailbox today. So when you do get something addressed to you in the mail, you are more likely to pay attention to it. Less mail equals more attention to each piece. Compare that to the amount of time it takes you to go through your emails and filter out the spam just by reading the subject lines; how many emails go straight to “junk” unopened and unread? Create that same message in a piece of direct mail, it is more likely to be read.

Old is new again. Marketers and media buyers are unexcited when everyone does the same thing. The same strategies are seen over and over so much that it becomes boring. Social media campaigns, online content and phone apps are “the norm” today. So what could be this exciting new thing? …Print! Print strategies are exciting because they are not overdone and they are interesting. This could be print’s comeback.

Print is more credible. Today, many people are highly skilled in technology. If they are skilled enough, anyone can create something on the internet that looks real even if it’s fake or highly important if it means nothing. So people have a tendency to second guess something online. However if it is in print, it is perceived to be more authentic and credible. People think it must be important if someone went through the trouble to get it printed.

Print is an escape. Technology has become a huge part of our day to day lives. So, more and more people are actively choosing to “unplug” or disconnect from digital media. Technology is mentally straining, so staring at a computer or phone for most of the day is draining. A printed magazine, newspaper, or book is a good way to escape. Many families have chosen to leave phones off the dinner table as a way to unplug; or they take an entire day tech-free.

Print is on the rise, again. A “non-traditional” content strategy may be just what you need to differentiate. Digital marketing must definitely be utilized because it is not going anywhere, but print is a great tool to change up your marketing strategy and get great results.

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The service received from the team at Suncoast Marketing is exceptional. They are responsive and solution-oriented. Plus, the “Pro-Bind 2000” binding system and custom hard covers they provide are beautiful and make a positive impact and presentations.
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