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Reinvent your Business to Keep up with Customers

The inevitability of change in life is unavoidable. The factor of time alone causes change: changes in your personal life, changes in society, changes in business, and changes in technology. All change will happen in time, no matter how prepared we think we are to thrive in it. So how do we handle these inevitable changes that affect our lives and businesses? We keep up.

Throughout the growth of a company, business face a number of problems and changes. In today’s world, we face one of the biggest challenges so far … we are now an entirely connected world. Computers have risen from strange machines built in garages and used in universities to now a necessity which every home and business must have to function. Cell phones are a necessity. Cell phones and computers alike have morphed and changed with the trends of time beginning as very large devices to now portable and pocket size devices with unprecedented technology available at all times.

Companies have no choice but to keep up with the many technology shifts that they must evolve with, with only one voice to guide them: customers. Listening to your customers is the only way to keep them satisfied and maintain a relationship through the evolution of technology.

For example, National Geographic (Nat Geo) took a major hit by the technology boom. Relying solely on the print industry to published their stories and photos and voice their brand, Nat Geo had to make a big decision when challenged by the rise of technology. Unlike many other newspapers and magazines that forfeited to technology, National Geographic embraced it. Today, the brand still maintains its popular print magazine, but it also now has a huge online presence with millions of loyal followers (65 million to be exact).

National Geographic is a great example of how to keep up with customers. Sticking to print would have killed their business, but they realized the importance of having an online presence and embraced it.

Keeping up with your customers and embracing change is crucial to growing and maintaining your business. For more examples of companies that have embraced change like Nat Geo, click here.



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The service received from the team at Suncoast Marketing is exceptional. They are responsive and solution-oriented. Plus, the “Pro-Bind 2000” binding system and custom hard covers they provide are beautiful and make a positive impact and presentations.
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