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Social Media….Suncoast ..and Politics…..

By October 22, 2011 Euby, Uncategorized No Comments

Everyone knows of Facebook and the impact it has had socially in personal lives……and in the business LinkedIn has really captured the show….and after the last Presidential election “Social Media” has “captured” the political markets! There appears to be no end to Social Media’s popularity and versatility!  From personal favorite app’s to business specific apps…to the new “Political App’s” for the upcoming elections,  there are more and more options each day.  It would be a full-time job just to keep up!

Suncoast Marketing has recognized the challenge that our clients face in this arena and responded.  Suncoast SEO and Social Media Services are being introduced to our clients and prospective clients as I write this blog.  It is the latest in our product and services offerings…and is being enthusiastically received.  We have several clients already signed up and are adding more each week.  Suncoast offers programs from very economical “start-up” programs to fully customized programs with all the features and functions available in the market today !

Many clients come into the presentations as sceptics….but leave as believers.  The most important question to ask yourself is this….if you know your personal friends, business clients and almost everyone you know are on Social Media….why would you not want your business to be in front of them on a regular basis?  If someone goes to “Google” to obtain information on your type of business product or services,  wouldn’t you want your business to be on that very first page that pops up?  ( How often do YOU look past the first page???  Not often right?  )  Suncoast SEO and Social Media group can show you how….and provide you the documented results !  No long-term contracts are required…just a simple 3 month sign up at the level of your choosing….and then you simply watch the results.

Give your Suncoast Sales professional a call or email and ask for more information.  It will be a SMART investment !


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It has been nothing but a pleasure partnering with Chris Scala and Suncoast Marketing over the past few years. Chris is constantly providing us with creative ideas to best promote our brand. The products provided are always top notch. From our screen printed t-shirts for our field technicians to our embroidered polos, everything is timely and professionally done. They even handle last minute items when we want to wow VIP customers. Most importantly, Suncoast has taken the time to learn our logos and strict brand guidelines to make sure whenever printed, our logo looks the best. Chris truly understands how I operate and caters to our needs including how we can best communicate to what items we purchase. I highly recommend Suncoast for your marketing item needs
Cristina CrenshawHill York
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