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Traditional Marketing Works!

Technology today is advancing and evolving exponentially, changing the world around us in every way. So, it’s no surprise that we forget the way we did things in the past. But the fact is, new doesn’t always mean better. Today’s age of technology and the growing social media presence has affected the way relate to each other and the way we do business, good and bad. Society says technology and social media is essential to your business plan, so you might feel pressured to utilize a social media plan. Though this may in fact increase new business, you may be neglecting old tactics that are proven to be successful.

Using promotional products is tried-and-true marketing strategy that you may have overlooked. A simple T-shirt, pen or coffee mug could leave a lasting impression that leads to new and repeat business. Business cards, signs, brochures, advertising specialties, sales materials and newspaper ads are six great marketing tactics you once knew but may have forgotten.

Read more about these “low-tech, low-touch, low-cost” marketing strategies that will boost sales and get you new customers in the article below!



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I just wanted to send a note and thank you for all of your help sourcing materials and pricing for our upcoming LATAM Annual Conference. You made the process easy, and I knew we were in good hands! I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Kelly S.SmithBucklin Corporation
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