Tips for using the web….and getting results faster

There is a great deal of  information available at as well as on the web in general.  There are a few tips that can help you work more efficiently on either…..

1)  If you type two words ( in lieu of one ) most search engines will look for        both at the same time.

2)  If you want to find EITHER of the words…use “or” between them. 

3) If you want to “eliminate” some results you can add a minus and the word to the search phrase… 

     example…Dolphins would get you fishes and football hits…. if you say  Dolphins – football will  only get the fishes !

4)  Add “quote” marks to find an exact phrase you need.  “VP of Sales, Suncoast Marketing” will return only that one response, however,

      if you have “Vice President”   AND  “Suncoast Marketing” you will get all VP’s at Suncoast

5)  Changing the order of the words will get you differnt results …switch them around.

6)  Use the advanced search tab….it will give you choices that eliminate some useless results.

The faster we can search…the more productive we will all be.  Give these tips a try….

Special thanks to Mike at Wall for sending the tips along to the Euby….

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