a great new site to research new prospective clients

I want to tell you about a website that a friend introduced me to a few years ago.  It can help you develop new business, and the best part it’s free.  The site is called Manta and you can use it in several ways, once you join.  They claim to have 61 million companies across the world.  Personally most companies that I’m looking for are listed.   Manta allows you to do two important things:

1) Find company information.  The site gives you basic information on most companies including size, contact information, what line of business they are in, and the year they started.  This information is provided by Dun and Bradstreet.  There are also a number of premium reports that D&B makes available should you need them.   The website also allows you to use google maps to see where the company is and a Q&A section.

2) Search for companies in a particular industry by town or search for all industries in an area.  In my opinion this is where Manta is really useful.  You can search by a category and city or state and Manta will give you all the listings.  The results are listed by relevance, but you can click the drop down list and sort by sales, number of employees or alphabetical.

So how could you use this information?  Let’s say you have a couple of customers in your home town or favorite vacation area.  You want to visit the folks or take a working vacation. While you are “vacationing” you would not mind picking up a couple new clients.  With Manta you simply type in the City and State into the search engine and you get a few thousand companies.  You can then sort them by revenue or select one of the 50 categories that are listed.  It works the same if you are going to visit one of you customers but want to know who else is in the area.  It is far more practical to make multiple calls in an area than to simply see one client and drive away to the next town!

So give it a try.  I believe you’ll find it a very useful prospecting tool.

                                                                                            Get out there and sell something !   Euby

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