Flash memory shortage due to tragedies in Japan lead to market pressure on USB’s

I thought EUBY should share the notice we received today from one of the largest USB suppliers in the industry. The tragic events in Japan will substantially limit the global production of flash memory for some time.   If you do need additional USB drives, keep in mind that the worldwide supply will suffer shortages for the near future.  I would suggest ordering as soon as possible if needed!   ( see below )


 Hi Randy,

I want to keep you apprised of the current market situation for USB drives.  The devastating earthquake that struck Japan last week has caused a severe price increase in flash memory (the key component in USB drives).  Fears of a supply shortage in the near future are driving up spot prices all across the world.  Our factories in China report prices have increased 30-50% overnight, and in most cases chip supply is not even available.  

 There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the situation and much is in flux.  Our management team is meeting this morning to finalize the best strategy to help our distributors.  I’ll be in touch again today with more information as it develops.

 Rest assured we are doing everything possible to reduce the effect to you and your customers.

 Thanks and best regards,


Kindly review and advise at your earliest convenience if you require any assistance with any USB orders.  I will do everything possible to have them shipped while suppliers are still plentiful.


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