Final Four Friday !

Let’s face it, March Madness is one of the best times of the year, fitting right in during a pro-sport lull. There’s nothing better than watching the underdogs take it to the big guys (even when you’re a fan of the big guys).

Thinking about this weekend’s upcoming games (really, I am not obsessing at all!), I realized that sales professionals can learn a thing or two from these kids out there battling their way to the big dance.

  1. Don’t dismiss your competition even if everyone else seems to be—VCU barely made it to the table in the first place
  2. Even though everyone tells you that you’re the best, if someone else wants it more, you’ll lose out—just  ask the Blue Devils, Jayhawks, Buckeyes, and Panthers
  3. Don’t be afraid to give your brand a little character, it leaves a lasting impression that stays with the customer at decision time—Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette, Matt Howard
  4. You’re never too young to take on the big guys—and win—Brad Stevens, Shaka Smart
  5. Be willing to give your sales team that extra push and it can pay major dividends—see Josh Harrellson
  6.  Never give up—there’s always overtime—VCU, Butler

Have a great weekend and enjoy the games (even if we’re not rooting for the same teams)!  Wishing everyone a safe and

restful weekend!              Euby

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