Mobile Email Marketing…the new wave….

You have probably started to receive “mobile marketing” recently… It was originally thought to be an effective business to consumer tool only…but now it has become equally effective with creative Business to Business marketing.   A recent report from comScore stated 60.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones ( great number for QR Code justifications also )  as of last year…with the number growing rapidly.   So if you are considering mobile marketing services ( and if you are I hope you are talking with your Suncoast Marketing Sales representative about it ) there are a few “best practices” to consider…..  1) Subject and From Lines…these are the FIRST CLUES a reader uses to determine if they will open it  or not… so use a trusted and consistent name in the FROM line….and for your SUBJECT line …keep it short to insure it will be viewable in its entirety on one line….    2) Message  – Keep it Relevent…so that the recipient will read it….it is THEIR inbox…and we need to respect that … make the “call to action” quickly  3)  Formatting…. Send email marketing messages as text instead of html allowing the email to be readable on any mobile email client.  Check your analytics and determine what mobile devises are accessing your site the most and over extended periods of time…and format for THEIR ease of usability.   4) Design…. Do not design BEYOND the screen size or you will lose effectiveness….. and most will simply delete it if you do.    

Try these simple “best practices” and key elements of mobile email marketing and it will help you deliver the messages that drive your desired results.  Look at the Android and Iphone monthly sales figures….this market is and will continue to be exploding….grab your share…. Talk to your Suncoast rep today…or visit       that is it for today from …….Euby

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