Paying it forward…..

Over the past week many of the Suncoast staff, clients and friends purchased and donated various “Home Depot, Target and Walgreen’s” gift cards for the fine folks of Tuscaloosa Alabama who were devastated by the recent tornados.  The cards were gathered and sent FedEx on Friday to be distributed to the hardest hit over the weekend.  We have already received an email of Thanks for the cards ….however, the very best “thank you” is really from the opportunity to “play it forward …or back” as the case may be…..Ironically it has already been five years since the “Wilma Storm” affected so many of the Suncoast staff….and our friends in the industry came to our aid with cash and supplies during that most difficult period.  What a great way for “Suncoast” to say “thank you” paying it forward to the folks in Alabama!  Congratulations on another job….pleasure…. well done Suncoast !   Euby

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