Let’s talk labels…they do a lot…..

Labels do a great deal…yet they are usually only thought of and designed at the very end of a products development and production.  That is really not a great time to determine what a label will look like…or convey…since it will be the PRIMARY COMMUNICATION MEDIA for your product.

Labels do a great deal…and as such…as great deal of thought and development time should be invested in them.

They convey the message of your product.  They convey the message of your company.  Between these two vital pieces of information, they become the “face” of your product and company.

They specify quantity, strength, shelf life, warnings etc…. so now that you think about it…they are quite important …right?

Here are  a few suggestions for developing that “label” as the product is developed… keep notes…and add thoughts as the product is developed…

Dont “over complicate”  simple and sweet….

Be “clear and concise”….

Don’t create a “complicated” ( and expensive to produce ) design.  Get your label print partner involved early !

and choose that partner wisely.    It will save you $’s!

Consider various cultures

Avoid “over” or “under” simplification

Seek your “sales departments” input…THEY TALK TO AND SEE your customers

Get input and approval from senior management along the way ( avoids re-do’s )

Produce a prototype…and obtain input!   Then produce….

If you follow these quick tips…your project will be completed more timely, more accurately

and most cost effectively.   Good labeling and good selling !


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