Can your small business compete in the Social Media Market place?

How can your small business compete in the Social Media Market place against the “big boys”?

Great question right?  Many small business owners are tossing around that question!  I just read an article by Phil Marshon that shared some very interesting statistics,

The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report had great news for the “small business marketeers”!   They…the small business marketers are seeing the greatest results form social media marketing moves.  In 3 short years, Social Media has moved from an “uncertain strategy” to a “permanent marketing fixture” !

A full 90% of small business marketers surveyed said Social Media is important to their successful marketing campaigns.  ( just for the record that is now 88% FOR all marketers.    59% reported new partnerships as a direct result of their social media efforts.  48% reported improved sales volume from Social Media marketing and 60% reported REDUCED costs in marketing as a result !

But…it takes time….invest the time to  ensure the fuller results.  25% of the small business marketers reported increased sales the first year of implementation….but that number swelled to 80% by the third year.

One more suggestion…. use the Social Media that works….they are not all “business beneficial”….

Facebook has taken the number one position among small business social media with over 80% involved.  It is followed closely by Twitter and LinkedIn…..and then Blogs! Others like “my space” etc…are not proving to be as business relevent.

Some come on in….the Social Media Marketing water is warm!


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