Euby returns to an inbox full of price increase letters

Yes….Euby has returned from the Islands sales trip!  It was quite the adventure….including bites, missed flights, and a Wednesday morning car accident!  It was one for the Euby record book!  It is great to be back!

When I return from traveling………. the first thing task at work is always clearing up a mountain of emails….and as usual, they were waiting for me.  One thing certainly caught my eye….there were many letters of

material price increases covering just about every product we sell.  Paper stocks are increasing approximately 5%,  most label stocks are also going up around 5% and there continues to be constant increases on the

cotton and cloth products used for corporate wear…… and yes…memory fo the USB’s has started to rise again.  Based on my inbox I would suggest that just about everything is seeing upward pressures on pricing.

Hang in there…update your budgets if you did not forecast for increases… looks like there are more to come!      Euby

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