Three Lessons to Punch up your next marketing campaign

If you subscribe to Media Magazine you may have seen their “three lessons” ….but if not….I will share them with you as they are extremely on point in todays economic environment…..

Lesson One …  multiple choices are REQUIRED to boost intent to buy.  My “previous rule” was 7 touches…..and I increased that to “11” touches last year….more difficult

times requires more effort on all fronts….        According to Chilton Research… buyers exhibited the following behavior when it came to major purchases…. 15% bought within

3 months…. 24% in 4 to 6 months ….and 34% in 7 to 12 months.  We could look at this as frustratingly SLOW…OR..we could use it to our advantage and keep touching the

prospect over the entire time line…thus placing OUR SELVES AND OUR PRODUCTS at the forefront of their decisions.

Lesson Two…..  Use DEEP content as a way to reach, educate and hold customers.  Researchers found that 66% of people surveyed read custom publications and that 80% agree that custom publications contain useful information.

Lesson Three…..  Identify and Tap customer “Frustrations”……  We think of “Targeting” as being associated with Short Run Digital imaging…. and 1 to 1 personalization…but you can also target by selecting a specific demographic and marketing to their specific needs, frustrations and perceptions.    Recently Starcom TD Canada used this approach with their Visa Infinite Card…..”Breaking down the Barriers” campaign which tapped into their consumers frustrations at not always being able to use their travel rewards when they wanted to….. They used an image of a man and woman looking out at a beautiful landscape but seemingly separated from getting there by a thick glass wall….They were standing with their hands pressed against it….. The image was powerful …. in the WEEK following the campaign sales spiked 29% …and were 13% above targets !

What do we take from all of this?  Follow the three lessons… USE THEM ALL…. then watch your marketing results exceed expectations!   Euby

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