S E O …the latest hot topic with clients and prospective clients alike …..

There is no product or service that is being brought up for discussion in my calls more today that S.E.O.   Search Engine Optimization seems to be on every ones mind these days.

What is SEO?  It is a creative marketing program that helps your website gain more exposure, calls, leads and ultimately sales!

Why is SEO so important?  It is imperative for any business or website wanting to increase traffic or revenue.  There are two main

reasons…. First…the higher your website appears in the search engine rankings ….the more traffic it is likely to receive.

Second…..The higher the numbers of targeted traffic that are attracted to your website, then the more sales and advertising

revenue you are likely to achieve.   Third… when paired with your “tracking system” SEO has the ability to obtain more leads

and most of the time at a far less cost than that of “Cost per Lead” or “Cost per Sale”

Having your website OPTIMIZED properly …..will help more web users find it….and find it quickly!    Call your SMI rep or

ole Euby for more information and details.   SEO….you just gotta have it !

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