Here they come again….pulp and ultimately paper price increases

All major paper mill suppliers have announced price increases that will become effective within 30 days or less….and it is a very widespread announcement which includes bond, carbonless and thermal papers.

The trend of “Shuttering” older mills that would require huge investments to meet increased EPA demands continues and is not

expected to slow….and many machines that run less profitable grades are having their products discontinued idling more equipment within the operational mills……simply to help eliminate “red ink” within the paper manufactures.

The pulp market remains FIRM above $ 1,000.00 per ton for the grades required to make Thermal papers. The global market pricing in this industry is up over 18% over the last two years alone. ….and the pulp makes up 80% of the cost of Thermal grades.

I really cannot see any relief in these circumstances that will level off the prices.  Expect more in the coming months….  Euby


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