Malicious QR Codes…. Breaking News !

Greetings from an overcast and rainy Cocoa Beach Florida….and since the weather is not cooperating for a walk on the beach….Euby will share a little breaking news with you on the QR code front.

QR codes have continued to flourish…and of course with any technology breakthroughs there are always the “bad guys” that show and attempt to exploit the technology for bad purposes.  It has now occurred with “malicious” QR codes.

If you have not heard…. A Russian Website posted some QR codes with an enticing offer to have folks scan and receive a free “instant messenger” download….unforatunately for those who took this great “offer” it loaded a “messenger” but not a friendly one…it programed the phones to start sending out messages to premium subscribers automatically and creating charges to the phone owner of $ 5.00 to  $ 10.00 per message….resulting in huge charges to those affected.

As with all technology …. as great as it is…we still need that “human” sense of questioning the “source” before we enter, scan or visit!  I am confident that a great entrepreneur is already working on a “security QR scan app” to protect us from these “Malicious Codes” …but until then simply treat it like any other file or link….make sure it is from a reputable and trusted source BEFORE you make a move!   A “word to the wise”  should be sufficient to avoid this affecting you or your organization.    Have a great weekend….Euby

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