Five Interesting Stats on QR Codes ( first of a series )

Obviously Suncoast has been promoting QR Codes since “before they were cool”…..and we continue to do so.  And now…there is a LOT of BUZZ about the QR Codes.  Is the huge growth in the use of QR codes a true indication of their

value in the market or simply e-hype?  I belive we all know the answer….it is REALITY…it is RELEVENT and it is here to STAY.  Look around….you are seeing them everywhere.  And with the “Custom Logo’ed QR Codes”  ( more on this

in a future blog ) we will be  seeing more and more in the coming months and years!

Here are five ( 5 ) reports of data on the topic that stand out…..

1)  Between Q1 2010 and Q1 2011 the number of scans going thru ScanBuys Scanlife system jumped from 10 scans per minute to 60 scans per minute…..and from over 125 different countries !

2)  Over the same period, ScanBuy found an 850% increase in active users….400% increase in use application downloads, and 810% increase in total mobile bar code scans

3)  3GVision ( Nigma Bar code Scanning software ) shows the same trends…. Scans running through its systems grew by 20% between Q2 2011 and  Q3 2011 with scans from over 140 countries!

4)  Between Q1 2010 and  Q1 2011 Mobio Identity, an international mobile payments and marketing company,  reported a whopping 4,549% growth ( YES OVER FOUR THOUSAND PERCENT ) in QR Code Scanning!

5)  According to a survey of smart phone users conducted by MGH ( Maryland based ad agency ) QR Code users are primarily between 35 and 54 years old, have a university degree and have household incomes OVER
$ 50,000 per year.  HOW IS THAT FOR A TARGET MARKET?

Now …..if you are already using QR codes….great… however…you should include one on all printed documents as well as all correspondence !  We are in the process of implementing that program FULLY at SMI…we have been utilizing them for a couple of years now…however, not on all print and correspondence.  That is a goal for 2012….and one that we intend to achieve.  In fact…going forward I plan to have a QR code affixed to all my blogs……gotta “walk the walk”!

Stay tuned…more QR Code information will follow on future blogs…..     Euby








*Special thanks to Heidi Tolliver-Walker for her research on this topic in Print Solutions Magazine

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