Coke and QR Codes….

Saturday morning greetings from beautiful Cocoa Beach Florida !

Euby is enjoying a Saturday morning at Cocoa Beach after a two-day trip across the great State of Florida working

with our clients in Tampa and St Pete.  But with a little downtime I am catching up on some saved reading material

and ran across this great article on QR Codes and Coke….  It is a tremendously large program and one that continues

to point out the validity of the “QR Message” that Euby and the team at Suncoast Marketing have been promoting for

years…..QR Codes should be used on all of  your printed sales collateral, materials and products.  Why not continue to

advertise ( at really no added costs ) to your clients and prospects !    Follow the link below…..and see what that marketing

marvel Coke is up to now……if it is strong enough for Coke…isn’t it applicable for you?

Are you convinced yet?  If so, and you are not active in the QR arena… your Suncoast Sales professional and schedule

an appointment to integrate QR codes into your cross media marketing strategy.  You will be glad you did !

Have a great weekend….it’s off to a few mile walk on the sunny beaches of Cocoa Beach…..and no….I will not have my phone

with me !  Euby is off the grid for a few hours.  Enjoy !    Euby

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