Google +

Euby attended the Boca “Inner Circle” networking event at Pinons on Thursday ….and found several conversations that were discussing “Google +”!   And no wonder….since launching in June Google + has attracted over 40 MILLION users….and most recently launched the Google + pages for business.  You can set up your business page quickly and easily…they have made it very user-friendly.  If you do not have a Goggle + profile you need to create one first. Use a generic email as admins are not currently transferable.  So get started now…..  and while you know that Google will have some innovative features on the horizon…. there are a few points you should know now….

First…. Businesses can create custom circles.  This allows you to create groups of Premium customers and post special updates and exclusive offers.   Second….With Direct Connect function you can search using the “+” prefix to search for an existing Google+ page.    Third….”The Hangout” feature allows live group chats with webcam support.  This can be used for product evaluation and feedback….or even quickly gathered focus groups.    Fourth…. Only the business can post to the page.  This limits the engagement a little but keeps your content in full view.    and Last…you will soon be able to link your business page to your AdWords campaign for your site.  This will aggregate all of your +1’s from your page, website, ads and search results to a single result.

Jump in… it is a very positive experience.  Join the millions of others already doing so.

That is it for now…. Euby will be traveling up to the great City of Buffalo NY for the Dolphins game against the Bills next weekend…and will not be posting !  So Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours.  All the best……  Euby

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