Google Wallet! ?? What is it???

Google Wallet is getting a lot of publicity of late…. but mostly in the “tech” circles.     But it has arrived….and you are probably part of it….knowingly or not!   Banks, restaurants and retailers of all kinds have plans to sell you everything …all from the comfort of your cell phone !   You have probably already made your first purchase….a ring tone..,video game…or music….but that is just the “tip of the iceberg” to use an old phrase!  And even so…is is a HUGE market…about $ 7 Billion dollars in the US alone !  ” Mobile Commerce” – buying goods off the internet from your mobile phone  is projected to top $ 10 BILLION dollars this year !  Another staggering statistic is that in 2008 PayPal did $  25  MILLION  in mobile volume….in 2011  ( 3 short years ) they did  $ 3 billion in mobile volume!  So your phone becomes your credit card!  Gotta love the conveniece…..but there is MORE coming around the corner….

NFC is going to be a “game changer” in this field….As more smartphones have this technology ( allows you to transmit data short distances like to a cash register by “tapping” your phone on a reader ) it will have a tremendous impact….it also will probably start with “music” being shared among friend by “tapping”…..but it will lead to wider acceptance and more and more uses ( much like the QR code revolution ) in the market place.   We will start seeing NFC Chips in store shelf signs….tap your phone and you will have the “coupon” from the poster….stored in your digital wallet.   What a great program…. and a wonderful new service and product that Suncoast can offer.    As this technology continues to develop …Euby will continue to update you !  Until then….start practicing your “Tapping” !    Euby

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