Quick Reminder…Chinese New Year 2012 Year of the Black Dragon – Country Basically CLOSED for the Party !

Just a quick reminder… just about every function of business in China is CLOSED for the New Years party of 2012 !  And the Chinese “best us” in the New Years Party for sure !  They have been basically “shut down” as a Country business wise for a week….and will not really be fully operational until after February 1 st.  ( I did blog about this earlier advising that the New Year came early this year and to plan ahead for import quotes and orders )

This is the year of the “Black Dragon” which makes this particular new year very auspicious!  It only rolls around every six decades…so they have 60 years to plan their parties…and the theme is based on the symbology of the year……and the Black Dragon is the symbol of “courage and soaring hope”!    Sounds like a great theme for 2012 !  Happy Chinese New Year !

Business as usual after February 1 st !      Euby

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