Do you market with QR Codes or Snap Tags?

Euby has  just finished reading an article in Print Solutions discussing the use of Snap Tags over the more traditional QR Codes….and felt that it was worth sharing…..

Jeffrey Hazzlett, a long time industry author, had shared the story of stopping the presses at the last-minute on his latest book “Running the Gauntlet”  ( well worth the read ) to switch the QR codes at the beginning of each chapter to the Snap Tags.

He basically stated that after learning about Snap Tags he re-labeled QR codes as “Ugly Codes” because by looking at them you cannot tell where you will be going or what it will be about….where as with the Snap Tag the image is embedded in it …giving the person snapping it….a sense of “what they will see or experience” when they get there…making them far more informative and trusted.

But the greatest benefit is that you do NOT need a smart phone to use them.  Many people still do not have smart phones…so snap tags opens up your marketing to that demographic that has previously been left out. …. increasing your target market and your results.  Even those with smartphones may find the Snap Tags more user-friendly as taking a picture and texting is a more common action than downloading the reader apps and scanning the QR codes.

There is added costs associated with Snap Tags over the QR Codes…but in some instances this additional cost may very well be worth the investment.

Talk about your full marketing plans with your Suncoast Representative and determine which technology makes more sense for you and your organization.  He or she will be more than happy to assist you with that decision and the subsequent implementation.

Till next time…. “all the best”!       Euby


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