Good News from the USPS for Direct Mailers…..

Almost everyone is aware of the recent postal increases….as they were heavily promoted and advertised…..however, there was some “good news” with the bad news of price increases!

In an effort to “boost” commercial use of First Class Mail…the USPS launched its new “Second Ounce Free” pricing program that enables direct mailers to send letters weighing up to

two ( 2) ounces for the one ( 1 ) ounce postage rate!   That is GREAT NEWS for Direct Mailers and Promotional mailers!

Be sure to take advantage of this great offer…. and it is being touted by the USPS as a PERMANENT CHANGE !  The USPS discovered that their equipment actually handled a two

( 2 ) ounce package exactly the same as the one ( 1 ) ounce…so while it is a great savings to the mailers…it really does not affect the USPS operations at all…..  Can we all say WIN – WIN !


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