Suncoast Marketing Announces the Introduction of the PS – 15 Pressure Seal System – The Low Cost Leader in low volume pressure seal processing

Good afternoon from Suncoast and Euby !

After a great deal of planning, negotiations, and hard work…..

We are finally allowed to announce the introduction fo the brand new PS – 15 Pressure Seal System from Suncoast Marketing…. ( see link below for the specification sheet )

PS -15 The Industry Lowest Procurement cost system….

This new Pressure Seal System offers our clients tremendous flexibility and capability….far outpacing the industry’s current low volume systems, and provides all of features

of many of the much more expensive systems….all at by far the lowest price point in the industry.   This new systems low procurement cost will allow many clients who previously

could not justify a two, three or four thousand dollar expense,  the ability to purchase a PS 15 PRessure Seal system for substantially less than that previous low $ 2,000 + cost

level…..  This will allow even the smaller offices the flexibility of converting the “PS 15 Green Machine” and eliminate their envelopes for mailing !  With this los cost point the

system will pay for itself in envelope savings very repaidly….not to mention the time savings of the pressure sealing system.

Call you Suncoast Sales representative today for a demo….they will be more than happy to share the full story along with a complete demonstration.


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