Really…An actual “3-D” Solar Sinter Printer…Prints on Sand with Sun Power….Talk about a “Florida Friendly Printer” !

Honestly….I am NOT making this up !   A German designer “Markus Kayser” has developed a “3-D” Printer that runs on the sun and sand !   ( I could not have dreamed this up if I tried…not even after 12 hours of St Patty’s celebrating! )  It is called the “Solar Sinter” and is powered by solar panels and uses special lens that concentrates sunlight from a larger Fresnel lens onto a tray of “sand”.   The sand is then “sintered” ( or melted as we say in the south ) to form a glass object.  Belive it or not…all the way back into the mid 30’s scientists “theorized” that they could build roads and canals in the desert ( not sure what they would use canals for in the desert ….but…. ) using “sintering processes” but this is the first time the “theory” has been successfully utilized. The long-range plans of the inventor…….to “replace concrete” with this manufacturing process!  Yes…REPLACE !   What a huge “green impact” that would provide….using solar power to build rather than current technology which would greatly reduce the CO2 emissions created in the production of concrete!  Kayser insists with enough funding it can be “scaled” to the size needed for large production projects.  The initial research was funded by the Kohler corporation.   I will keep you advised as I learn more about this “revolutionary” technique.  ( Informational resource was Green Prophet 02/20/12 – Nitz )    That is it for now…till next time…Euby

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