Mobile Marketing….are YOU taking advantage?

Euby arrived a little later than normal at the office this Saturday as he was attending the grand opening of a new bank branch of one of his clients.  They had quite the event going …tents in the parking lot….hot dog vendor… ice cream carts…cold drinks and snacks…. games to win hats, balls, note pads etc….as well as drawings for cash prizes!  If you opened a new account…you received an extra $25.00 on your deposit ( of $ 250.00 or more ) as well as an umbrella!  Obviously a lot of thought and preparations had gone into it.  Suncoast will be hosting our “end-user show” May 24 th so we are in the midst of all of our preparations and planning also….and as I result I know first hand the work required.

However, one thing stood out to me….I didn’t see anything of a “mobile marketing” effort anywhere in the event.  Inside…outside…at the promotional areas…no where to be seen ( unless I missed it )!  and that got Euby thinking….HOW MUCH DO WE, as Marketing and Sales professionals “miss out on” due to not adding the “mobile” touch to our print and promotions?

Whether you believe it or not…there is no question that Mobile Marketing is and will continue to be CRITICAL to the success of marketing in today’s world!

Adding QR codes TO EVERYTHING you print is a very cost-effective ( really does not add any cost ) way to get started.  The code can drive them to a landing page or to your website…no matter which…you are getting their attention and the opportunity to “sell” them an additional time.    Just be sure you have created a “mobile friendly landing page …or website”….the worst thing you can do is drive them to a page or site that they really cannot use on a mobile device !

While I did not receive a text reminder for this grand opening… it would have been a great idea for them to “text” everyone on the invited list the day before to “remind” them of the big event.  Again..more mobile marketing…and text is becoming more and more of a “marketing marvel” !

So in the event you take “Euby’s advise” and add “mobile marketing” to your events and marketing plans in general….be reminded to make sure ( test it ) that your page or site is mobile friendly when they arrive.  If the final destination is not usable …the efforts are in vain.

Start your mobile marketing TODAY !   Get out in front of your competitiors!          Have a great weekend….   Euby

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