An Ink your “touchscreen” can read???

Just caught up on my PSDA Industry news and noticed a very interesting article from Kevin Tofel on “Touchcode”…..a new ink technology from Printechnologic!  It is an “interactive print product” !   Printed material using this “Touchcode” technology is identical in appearance to standard print…and can be recycled ….and is applicable to any printed products … products…business cards or almost anything you put ink on now.  A customizable electronic code embedded in the print process engages with a smartphones capacitive screen.

The folks at Printechnologic describe TouchCode as “an invisible electronic code printed on paper, film or labels.   Just put the product on the display of  your smartphone / tablet/ multi-touch device to read the data….no mater if you d like to confirm the authenticity of your brand product or make your card game come to life.  With “Touchcode” you add interactivity to just about any product.

Touchcode leverages the expanding number of devises with touchscreens in the mobile market…printed information provided by Touchcode is comprehensible to anyone who can read…while additional information or links to other data can be delivered with t touch-capable smartphone.  There are limitless possibilities with this new technology!  I will continue to update on this as I learn more…..

Kinda makes you wonder what in the world of print is next!!??!!       Have a great Passover and Easter Weekend!   Euby

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