Big Week for Boca?

I received a news letter from a fellow Boca Chamber member “Danburg Managments Ken Silberling” with the headline “The worlds two most powerful men come to Boca in one week”….it caught my eye …as I knew that President Obama had made a few campaign stops at Lynn University and a few other  South Florida locations earlier in the week ( and witnessed the traffic mess personally ) but who was the other?  As I read the article I found out that the “other” was non-other than Justin Bieber?   I laughed out loud when I read the comparison of President Obama and Justin….but there was a valid reason he had made that statement.

Justin has 20 MILLION Twitter followers versus Obama’s mere 14.1 Million… Justin leads the President on Facebook fans also…. 42.1 Million to the Presidents 25.9 Million…….and to put it into further comparison …Biebers followers will soon outnumbner the total number of votes that President Obama received in the last election!  Now that is impressive ….

He took his thoughts futher about this into the area of how Social Media has changed how we recieve our news…. even with both making the front page of the Sun Sentinel ….he found out about Biebers visit from a text his 15 year old daughter sent him….and the Presidents visit over the web earlier….. just a few years ago….neither would have been a source for him learning about anything….and now his more “traditional news methods” were so “after the fact” that they were irrelivent.

I know there are still a lot of “non-believers” in the power of Social Media, and they insist on continuing to “market” the way they always have……and I understand comptely….I am after all a very recent “convert”…..but when you realize that if President Obama and Justin Bieber both posted the same information on their Facebook pages…over 65,000,000 people would have access to that information immediately!  What other media could give you that exposure?  And not for nothing…but for NOTHING!  FREE!!

If you and your company are not building “followers” and “likes”….. …you are most certainly falling further and further behind in the race for “mind share”!   You do not have to “jump in the deep end” from the start…Talk to your Suncoast representive about an “entry level” program …and just get started.  My guess is that once you get your feet wet…you will see the value and increase your investment rapidly.   Give it a try…programs start as low as $ 295.00 per month and you only need to agree to a “3 month” test to get in the game!  Why wait…. start your “new marketing” now !   Till next time…..   Euby

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