Save 2% on your USPS postage rates for maling this summer? You only need a QR code !

The USPS is promoting Mobile Commerce and Personalization this summer !

By incorporating a QR Code into your mail piece, and following a few simple guidelines. you could save 2% on your mail programs postage rates this summer,

beginning July 1st and running thru August 31 st 2012.

The QR Code MUST direct the user to a MOBILE OPTIMIZED WEBSITE which allows recipients to purchase an advertised product or service from their mobile

device, or it must include a PURL ( personalized web page ) that is customized to that individual recipient.  NOTE:  It must reference personal data about the recipient

and not just a general place to gather information !

For more information contact your Suncoast Marketing sales representative and get ready to save some postage dollars to put toward other promotions !         Euby

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