USPS…. Innovative Technology for Small Business

Yes…they are losing market share …and lots of money….and closing …well they WERE closing many offices…but have pulled back under union and congressional pressure ( providers of such savvy business advise … it is no wonder that they continue to do so well? )  and are simply “reducing hours” to reduce costs….as they continue to hemorrhage money!  There is a great deal to criticise …..HOWEVER…when they do something right… it deserves a little “ink” also!

Introducing the Every Door Direct Mail service from the USPS !  The Euby phone has had more calls asking about this new program than any since the “flat rate boxes” were announced!

The details on this new innovative program from the USPS are as follows…..

It is a “direct mail shipping service for small business”!  Every Door Direct Mail is just that !  Every door….allowing small businesses to send out direct mail like post cards and brochures with postage rates as low as $ 0.145 and there is NO mailing list or even postal permit required!  Quick, easy and simple ! ( words not normally  associated with the USPS )

THe USPS website will provide an online “mapping” tool for choosing a “City,  Country,  Zip Code(s) or even a neighborhood” to receive direct mail at EVERY DOOR without the need to affix labels or postage!  How is that for innovative thinking from the USPS?  It will probably NOT be well received by the direct mail processing industry …however the small business folks are going to love this!  Using this with a cross media campaign of emails and texts should give great market penetration for those wanting to spread a message!

The tool is fairly easy to use, and a business can schedule a simple local mailing in minutes after registering and learing to use it for the first time.  Users will be walked thru step by step ( even Euby can do it ) and the exact amount of the postage is displayed instantly, and once you pay, you simply print out the documentation, and take that and your mail pieces to the USPS !  And you are IN THE MAIL !  It is really that simple !

THey have also redesigned the “Click N Ship” site for small business…and the dedicated business version now has a desktop app and expanded easier payment options.

If they keep thinking like this…and adding these types of innovative ideas…. and providing the tools to use them with efficiency and ease ( again, not normally associated with the USPS in the past ) they may very well be stabilized and even growing again in the next few years.   Visit the USPS website and check it out…. I think you will be impressed !   Until next time…….      Euby


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